Top 10 Divi Child Themes

As Divi designers, we all pay attention to new Divi themes that push the boundaries of what Divi can do. Some very creative solutions and functionalities can be found in these Divi Themes:


Ally is a theme from DiviLover that presents many different types of information – services, features, portfolio, statistics – and have made them appear congruent by using a gradient overlay and animation. The polygon-shift animation for blurbs and blog posts is very effective in catching attention!

The hamburger menu on the featured image reminds the user to make use of a ‘Read More’ functionality right from the image.

A nice feature for those who purchase is a menu set of modules, already formatted, that can be added to your module Library and used right away in the theme.



Marvel is a premium child theme released by B3 Multimedia. The versatile WooCommerce-ready theme comes with a modern design and functionality. It is also responsive, so you don’t have to worry about how your website will look across all devices.

You can build an awesome website around your preference with its Custom Theme Options that includes a set of beautiful and unique elements. It also has a One-Click Demo Import which makes previewing all the pages of your site incredibly simple.

Its Stunning Hover Effects feature allows you to create CSS hover effects for displaying your works and galleries that will surely catch the attention of your visitors. At the same time you can use its 115 Custom Icons on your pages with ease using the Divi Builder.

If you want to give your online shop or business a modern and professional look that can perform, the Marvel Divi child theme is the answer you’re looking for.



Divilife’s RoyalCommerce is a theme that is built around eCommerce, with a clean expression that makes the product the star. With store, sale and wishlist sections, it’s built for a store with many products and product attributes.

RoyalCommerce has four Demos with different color schemes and font choice. There is a Product Docs section that provides extensive instruction (video and PDF) for installing and setting up the theme.

This theme makes use of no less than seven plugins and widgets available from WooCommerce, so users should familiarize themselves with how WooCommerce works to make expert use of the theme.



Polygon is B3 Multmedia’s latest theme release, and provides a comprehensive solution for services businesses, with many types of modules to reach an audience. This theme uses a bit of ‘Ken Burns’ animation in the blurbs and slider, a refreshing change. Some icons also have a bit of animation, which is fun. The pricing guide is nicely styled and animated.

Polygon also includes an Events page that would tie in nicely with an events plugin for selling tickets or reservations.



Superfly’s Anthem is mind-blowing. From the very simple hamburger menu on the desktop page that expands to a full-page centered menu, the presentation starts with a show of themes-within-a-theme (black and white, artisan, journal), and then variations on sliders, layouts, gradients, header overlap, mosaic sections, and parallax motion.

There’s a very simple Shop page that does include eCommerce – perhaps added as an afterthought because it doesn’t have any of the theme’s style – but it’s there if you need to add shopping to your site.

It takes awhile to study everything presented in the Demo, but you’ll gather ideas along the way, for sure. It’s a theme that gets you excited to develop.



Clean and refreshing Gardenly, from DiviLover, this theme could be used right out of the box. Its presentation of services is uncomplicated, and the addition of great photos pulls the viewer in and calls them to read more or inquire.

The overlapping logo and fixed header add gravity to the parallax scroll, and the consistent colour scheme is reassuring.

This theme doesn’t go overboard on animation. The sub-menus, buttons, a few photos, that is all. This lends to the serenity of the theme and the viewer doesn’t feel rushed to explore.


Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove from Monterey Premier is a theme that makes good use of consistent elements to bring order to a services company presentation. Its reveal-navigation-on-scroll isn’t often used, and this use helps the viewer focus on and read through the page without wondering where to go next.

This theme offers one layout per type of page: project, blog, portfolio, etc., making it easy to use out of the box. And since you are a Divi designer, you will know how to rearrange or add modules as you need.



B3 Multimedia theme Bruno offers many unique options to make this multipurpose theme work for many types of businesses.

Some favorite features:

– Typewriter headline effect animation
– Services Blurbs with extra animation
– Fully Customizable Menu Button
Testimonial Slider ($25)
– Preloader Settings
– Custom Popup Form
– Line Icons by ET and more…


Kriar Industry

This big bold theme for industry or industrial services/products is laid out well and presents information in a consistent fashion. It is not a theme with a lot of options – most of the pages are the same with the same modules – but it will work well out of the box for a client who needs to get set up quickly and doesn’t need too much artistry or tricky features. A nicely done, solid theme.



Another theme from Superfly company, Shado is a theme for a corporate services audience. The demo site is arranged in such a way you can explore variations on personnel modules, services blurbs, content toggles, and makes good use of gradients and animations. The two blog layouts are presented with a bit of animation, to create interest and clicking to read more.

One of the highlights of this theme are three very different home page layouts – each with some very clever designs and ideas.

So, Divi designers, gather your ideas, purchase themes and begin your mock-ups for your next project or client.
Tari Donohue

Tari Donohue

Grace Studio

Tari Donohue is a branding agent and designer from Portland, Oregon, US, and works primarily with wineries, farms and epicures. Her website work is done in WordPress and Squarespace. She has designed over 40 websites and authored four themes. Her photography is often featured in the websites she designs.

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  1. Sinoun

    My favorite is Anthem. I’ve already used it for a couple of clients! 🙂

  2. Nirmal Kumar

    Wow! These child themes are looking good. Also, I like your site’s design.

    • Maciej Ekstedt

      Thank you Nirmal 🙂 I’m glad you like it!


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