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Best Divi Child Themes for Restaurants

Vera Evans ET Digital Designs The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive industries out there and utilizing every marketing tool possible is a smart strategy for these business owners. Having a functional, good looking website, that is attractive and easy...

Easy Tips To Make Your WordPress Site Super Fast

These days, all businesses have websites, but some are faster than others. Like most people, you probably use a WordPress site. It might surprise you to learn that these sites can vary in speed dramatically. Many people think that the speed of their site depends…

Crucial Reasons Users Leave Your Website

Your company website is a reflection of you and your business. You don’t just want people to visit the site; you want them to stay and look around it. If you have a high bounce-rate, as in people leave your site too quickly, you will find it tricky to gain a dedicated following. The design of your site…

Web Design Trends in 2015

Web Design is evolving as fast as any other thing on the Internet. New technologies and specially gadgets bringing a purely new kind of web design, every designer should understand for success. New trends are happening almost daily, and to keep a pace web designers and site owners must follow upcoming design trends.

What message your Logo Convey about your Brand?

Your Logo happens to appear first in your business portfolio. It makes the first impression. A professional image with a well-structured theme holds the key of whether you will win a customer or not. A well-crafted logo gives a reason to look further…

9 ways to use Google Plus for Business Success

Google Plus is one of the most talked about networks after Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are a mid-size business or a big corporation, a good use of social media matters in either case. Here are 9 ways to use Google Plus for Business Success.

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