Top 11 Best Project Management Tools For Your Business

One of the most effective ways to organize your team’s tasks and deliver projects is by utilizing a project management tool. It allows you to manage time and track the progress of your projects efficiently.

Most business projects fail due to many reasons, from unrealistic deadlines to miscommunications. These issues often leave tasks unaccomplished, teams unaware, projects delayed, and a decline in the company’s profit. Fortunately, there are various project management tools available today, suitable for all business types.

As a business owner, you need to understand the benefits that these tools present and how they help you accomplish your goals. You can use these online management tools for the essential activities of your business. It includes anything from delegating tasks and monitoring analytics to promotions, sales, conducting meetings online, and so much more.

With the right project management tool in place, you’ll be able to accomplish your projects seamlessly and efficiently. So without further ado, here’s a list of the best project management tools to drive your business.



Asana is a popular project management tool. The cloud-based platform can help you and your team to map out every aspect of your projects. It works well for managing and tracking from the smallest to the most complex of projects.

What makes Asana standout from the rest is its simple, user-friendly, and intuitive UI. It also offers several useful features, including task set up, task delegation, efficient conversations, and a personalized inbox. The tool can help you and your team to be more efficient and productive at all times. Plus, its flexibility ensures that it’ll be able to suit all your business management needs.



Jira is perfect for any tech team and software engineer looking for a project management solution to manage their product development. It allows you to not only create individual task workflows, but you can also track user issues, tasks, and stories. You can even organize these stories into prints with Kanban and Scrum boards.

The project management app also comes with the Jira Query Language to customized filters. Additionally, you can incorporate it with developer tools for easy end-to-end traceability. It also comes with convenient features, such as detailed real-time progress reports and centralized team communication, although its learning curve is a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, it’s a great software development tool for agile teams.



Trello is one of the most renowned and oldest project management tools on this list. It’s also one of the easiest to use for your business report and all your big projects in a flexible and fun way. You can even use it to plan your next holiday with your team.

The platform lets you organize your project systematically. You can easily create boards, cards, and lists to organize your tasks, which you can delegate to the members of your team. It also allows you to mention or tag team members for a specific task card which you want them to be a part of.

Additionally, Trello enables you to set due dates on all tasks and get notifications through your email. And you’ll be able to upload almost any kind of file, including photos, audios, videos, pdfs, sales reports, and more.



Basecamp is another popular project management software. The tool is not only for project management but for team collaboration as well. It also comes with every essential feature you need to ensure that not a single detail slips by your radar.

This exciting tool allows you to assign tasks and also message and communicate with your team easily. It can help you get all your work done in one convenient place while providing you with an organized and calm way of managing your projects. Basecamp makes sharing new ideas and communication around projects faster and more transparent.



ClickUp a versatile and powerful project management tool. It’s ideal for a wide range of industries, such as design, marketing, and engineering. It comes with features that every good project management app should have. The list includes Kanban views, mobile app, Chrome extension, time tracking, reporting, subtasks, recurring tasks, multiple integrations, and priorities. It also has a handy drag and drop function.

Moreover, the software also boasts some advanced proprietary features that you won’t find in other popular tools. One of its most notable features is its ability to visualize similar dashboard tasks in a calendar, list, or board view in a single click. It means that you’ll be able to visualize tasks from a different point of view. Additionally, it allows various team members to choose their view preferences.



The real-time, robust, and versatile work management software is not only for engineering teams but for creative and marketing teams as well.

Wrike can help your team communicate and collaborate better and with more transparency. It comes with a lot of world-class and amazing features. It offers plenty of capabilities for handling your tasks, making it one of the best project management tools today.

The software lets you align your entire team and set priorities resulting in a smarter and faster performance. The best thing about Wrike is that it is designed for growing businesses. By allowing project and team integrations into one platform, it will be able to help you achieve the best possible results every time.


ZOHO Projects

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, part of a large company, or have a small team, Zoho Projects is the perfect project management software for you. The tool is simple and you can use it for planning your projects with its useful features like task lists, recurring tasks, and subtasks. It even allows you to create and assign tasks to individual members with due dates and details.

Furthermore, you can map out the milestones of your projects with Zoho Projects using Gantt charts. You can also coordinate them with everyone through the feed, view the progress of reports in detail, as well as allocate and manage your resources. Its built-in timesheets, on the other hand, allow you to track the work time of your employees.



Monday is a fun and cool project management tool to use. The platform has a pleasant and easy-to-use UI. Setting it up is pretty straightforward with a very small learning curve. It also features a wide range of vibrant and colorful templates you can choose.

The tool features a Board View where you can visualize your project details in several views. Moreover, it has a View Center which can display various board views including files, charts, calendar, map, timeline, broadcast, and Kanban views. The stories, on the other hand, allow you to communicate and share information within your team members, which can help improve teamwork and achieve your goals.

Monday is quite impressive, but it’s missing a few features that you can find in other tools on this list.



If you’re the kind of project manager that likes breaking up his tasks and working with to-do lists, then you should definitely check out Quire. The interesting project management software boasts an array of excellent features that can take care of simple and complex tasks.

The collaborative template is perfect at breaking down the goals of your hierarchical lists. Learning to use it is easy as well since it comes with a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface, making the entire process of task management better. You can easily start a goal right away by choosing a critical task, visualize, and then finish it in the Kanban board. And if you encounter any issues, their support team will provide you with excellent assistance.


Liquid Planner

There’s more to LiquidPlanner than simply being a traditional project management tool. The impress app can manage and track both work and resources. It comes with superb features that can help teams from start through completion. Furthermore, it has a unique system for entering and prioritizing estimates of time, which can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, there are excellent reporting tools and training videos available, making it an effective platform.

It is perfect for technology teams looking for something that can manage resources, collaborate, track time, schedule numerous projects, and more. And although it’s quite complex and may take some time for you to learn, it’ll be worth your while if you commit to it fully.


Hubstaff Time Tracker

Tracking what your employees are doing, when they are working, and what to pay them once they’re done with their task can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be thanks to Hubstaff Time Tracker.

This time tracking app is easy to use, accurate and can help improve the productivity of your team. When they track with it, they’ll be more aware of how they are spending every minute of their working day. This, in turn, can help improve their focus and ensure that they finish their task on schedule.

The monitoring software is clean and lightweight. Plus, there’s is no learning curve so your team can begin tracking immediately after installation. Some of its monitoring features include website and app, screenshot, activity levels, weekly work limit, and employee location, to name a few. It is available for Chrome, desktop, and mobile phone.

These are 11 of the best project management tools specially designed to help you and your business achieve its goals and get positive results. Which one of these are you currently using? Share your experience with the platform of your choice by leaving a comment below.

Aileen Cuaresma

Aileen Cuaresma

Aileen is a Technical and Creative writer with an extensive knowledge of WordPress and Shopify. She works with companies on building their brand and optimizing their website. She also runs a local travel agency with her family. On her free time, she loves reading books, exploring the unknown, playing with her two adorable dogs, and listening to K-pop.

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