15 Useful Code Sharing Websites for Web Developers

Sharing is caring and web development is a classic example of this saying. As a developer, you might desire to share the code with friends or fellow coders. What helps in such situations? Codesharing websites.

Codesharing websites are platforms where a developer can share the code with a simple copy and paste. Looking for such platforms? Check out the list to know some popular names.



First, we will start the list with an abundant website called Liveweave. It is an outstanding platform that renders top code sharing and web development solutions for JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5.

Liveweave has diverse JS libraries, color palettes, and framework management tools. It has a CSS code generator that can be used for making dummy text. The website is quite easy to use.

Likewise, it provides a semi-window or panel for different languages. Some of the language’s names include HTML, CSS, and JS code. Thanks to the panels of this website, the languages can be operated unconventionally.



Looking for a website to make things easier for you? Dabblet is certainly the best platform for the same. It is an efficient place where tasks could be divided and interfaced for better visualization.

The previews can be customized as per the code and its result. While the features might be limited, the tasks are executed efficiently. It is a great platform for productive outcomes and better workflow management.

Dabblet is a useful platform to share codes as per your preferences. It can be either with previews or without the same. Overall, it is one of the most useful code-sharing websites for web developers.



One of the primary code-sharing websites that has been convenient for web developers is JSFiddle. The reason why it’s so convenient is because of its easy user interface. JSFiddle gives you four individual panels/sub-windows for working.

You can work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the three panels. Likewise, the fourth one can be used for the output. It has numerous efficient features for better outcomes.

  • It supports numerous JS libraries.
  • Then, it can autosave the codes.
  • The website can be used for the generation of embed code.
  • It is also efficient to preview the working principle of codes during teamwork

In short, the platform helps to execute other tasks too rather than mere code collaboration.



For a website that can help in both code sharing and frontend editor, Codeply is surely a great choice. It is popular for rendering the technology, boilerplate, and framework for front-end design and development.

From foundation to bootstrap, Codeply is renowned for all. The website can help in making top-notch designs and elements. One of the best features of Codeply is that you can show your skills to their community.

Basically, the website has a community where coders can show their performance. Besides, it is also useful for picking snippets, elements, and tools from the editor during coding. For frontend editing, you can choose a framework and start instantly.


JS Bin

JS bin is an appropriate website for code sharing and Pastebin solutions. It is perfect for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code. The windows have three panels.

While the left and center ones can be utilized for codes, the right panel is for the result. Additionally, the interface is quite simple. The tabs can be used to toggle over code languages or bring up the console.

The platform is filled with features and consists of a pro version too. In the pro version (£12.99 per month), there is Dropbox for work backup. Besides, it consists of vanity URLs for making personal bins protected for public view. Find the detailed website launch checklist.



If you are looking for a website that is straightforward with no frills code sharing then go for Codeshare. It can help you to execute tasks and share code effortlessly.

There is no such scenario of signing up first. Hence, you can start the work right away. All you have to do is write a code and share links with the team members. Once done, provide access to the code.

However, if you are not signed up, the work will vanish from the website after two weeks. Codeshare is further secured with video chat features. Overall, the website is quite renowned among web developers.



Codepad is one of the favorites among web developers. Wondering why? That’s because the website supports numerous programming languages.

As of now, the list was limited to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, Codepad is efficient for other languages like C, Python, PHP, Java, C++ and many more. In short, it is not limited to standard web development.

It’s unbiased and assorted with numerous other features. The platform can assist you with public and private code projects.

It also helps to share the code with the community. With limited multi-language code-sharing websites, Codepad has achieved greater heights in the field.


GitHub Gist

You know it and we know it too. The list of code-sharing websites is incomplete without GitHub Gist. Period.

Renowned among web developers, the platform is quite commonly used for code sharing. Developers, who are tight on budget, can use enterprise-level tools for good outcomes.

With this website, you can share code snippets and projects with team members easily. It helps with the sharing, collaborating, and documentation process too.

Your team can rate the codes and leave feedback for the same. GitHub Gist is perfect for rendering support to open-source coders. It is easy, efficient, and pocket-friendly. Also, did you check some exciting tools for web designers?



Next, on the list is the website Snipplr. Snipplr is one of the most renowned platforms that assist developers in sharing code snippets. You can share it with your team and the world.

Snipplr is a repository of code snippets with various programming languages. The Names of these languages include HTML, PHP, CSS, Ruby, Objective C, and JavaScript.

The code snippet can be shared immediately. On sharing, it gets live on the website and everyone can view the same.

You can also make an account and share snippets through it. By this method, the snippets are viewable and kept in one place.



As clear by the name already, CollabEdit is a collaborative code editor. While it is not ranked much in code-sharing websites, the platform executes numerous tasks efficiently.

On this platform, both you and the team members can collaborate on the code. Not only does it support major coding languages but also holds numerous features.

Some of them include syntax highlighting and document history. It has live chat for better communication while working.

The website is packed with all the virtual code editor features any developer can ask for. With so many diverse perks, CollabEdit surely deserves a mention in the list.



Being one of the best code-sharing websites and Pastebin, Pasted.co provides unique features for quality outcomes. Wondering what’s interesting or unique about this website? Stay put and read more.

Basically, Pasted.co works like any other website. All you have to do is paste the code, secure it with a password, and share the link.

However, the website displays advertisements as soon as anyone clicks the link to check the shared code. And the good news is you will get a portion of advertisement revenue.

Not only are you getting a good platform for code sharing but it further helps you to make decent cash.



If you are looking to get knowledge in a platform then CodeProject is surely worth a try. It is a knowledge-sharing community that allows you to initiate threads and posts related to code snippets.

Overall, the platform is efficient for users as they can view and learn in one go. Besides, they can also provide feedback on the same.

Code Project supports all the languages for coding like .NET and C#. It also supports database stuff like SQL.

Mobile developers can benefit from the same as it has different sections for both Android and iOS. It is a good platform to get feedback and learn better with time. You might like to check out the free website speed test tools.



CSSDeck is a website that supports languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can register for free on this platform.

Besides, if you do not want to sign up that’s fine too. That’s because signing up is voluntary. CSSDeck has more than 56,000 users registered on it.

Apart from coding and collaborating, the website allows you to share the code snippets too. It can help in making live code streams for the provided outputs.

These outputs can then be watched and followed by the viewers. The feature is known as code casts and it’s quite well-known among developers. Now, let’s move on to the next website.



Etherpad is an open-source code editor that also renders collaborative code editing. It signifies that both you and the team can code and collaborate without any issues.

When it comes to collaboration, Etherpad makes the process easy and helps in better interaction. It is an open-source, free platform that can be extended with plugins.

Now, keep note that Etherpad has to be downloaded on the system itself. You then have to install the software to run it. Etherpad is available on Mac, Windows, and E Linux.

The list is about to complete. Let’s plunge into the last code-sharing platform of the same.



Lastly, we are going to end the list with Codepen. Codepen is a platform that helps to work and share code snippets. The entire task is done through a pen.

These pens are created to make a piece of code so that it could be shared on the playground. It has a paid version or pro version for which you can sign up. The charges are $9 per month.

Pro version consists of additional features and better integration. Some of it includes private and locked sharing of code.

It assists with CSS preprocessors like LESS and SASS. Besides, it helps to work with HTML, JS, and CSS too. Moreover, to get some motivation or ideas, you can check out other user’s pens too.

These were 15 Useful code-sharing websites for web developers. Hopefully, you will find these platforms helpful for efficient outputs. If you liked this read, make sure to plunge into our other blogs too. Till then, Happy coding!

Navkiran Dhaliwal

Navkiran Dhaliwal

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