25+ Amazing FREE Divi Layouts You Can Download Now

We’ve rounded up the best of the best free Divi layouts out there. You will be able to modify your main Divi theme to accommodate your niche and specific needs with the help of these layouts.

Divi is more than just a theme. It’s an entire brand on its own. There are plenty of apps, templates, plugins, modules, and extensions built by its community of developers to make Divi more powerful than it already is.

There are a ton of resources online to make your Divi website even more amazing. If you’re a fan of the theme, you’ll appreciate what we have in store for you today.

The layouts you’ll find here are a great way for you to start building your dream website. They’re simple to use and will save you plenty of design time. You can edit or move modules, add your personal photos and styling, reduce or extend the layout, and so much more.

Here are 20+ free Divi layouts to help you build a website that’s uniquely yours.



As the name implies, Author is a layout specifically designed with budding and professional authors in mind. The practical layout is responsive, has a modern and clean design, and a structure that can quickly engage your visitors right away. The Author layout does not include the Divi parent theme for WordPress, which the installation requires.


Electrician Layout Pack (ET)

The Electrician Layout Pack from Elegant Themes is an excellent free layout pack that has everything your electrical company website needs to bring your competition down. The layout is both functional and innovative, and can easily help you promote and boost your offerings and electrical services. All pages are optimized and can showcase your projects beautifully.


SaaS Landing Page (Andy Hooke)

SaaS Landing Page is created by Andy Hooke. Although the inspiration for the layout is the niche of his company, the landing page can be utilized by various industries. You only need to use CSS for the animations which are annotated, so it’s pretty clear what each does. The layout has a simple design with pretty cool animations and can help give your business the edge you’re looking for.



Logistic is another exceptional Divi layout from B3Multimedia which will work great with business websites involving logistics, the transport industry, and the likes. The responsive free layout for Divi gives you a quick means to begin your next project. The design is clean and modern with plenty of white spaces and a beautiful color scheme.


Transportation Services Layout Pack

The Transportation Services Layout Pack by Elegant Themes is perfect if you’re setting up a site for your small business with a focus on clearly delivering your message to your customers. It combines impressive background textures with page structures that are user-friendly, making it the free Divi layout pack to get your site up and running with ease. Also, since there are no restrictions in all the photos included in the pack, you will be able to use everything in your project without the need to pay licensing fees.


Pizza Layout Pack

The one-page website Pizza Layout Pack is simple to configure and responsive across all devices. It’s the ideal layout pack for creating an awesome website for your pizza restaurant. It features an animated menu that can showcase your offerings deliciously with large photos, as well as a locations map so that potential customers can find you easily in their area.


Winterfell (Geno Quiroz)

Winter has come to Divi with the Winterfell Layout Pack by Geno Quiroz. The layout is designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure guides, and service providers. It includes four custom pages, including Home, About, Excursions, and Contacts that can help you create your outdoor/adventure site instantly. You can also use it for just about any niche.


Church Layout Pack (ET)

Give your Church the online presence it deserves with Elegant Theme’s Church Layout Pack. Each page layout is created to cater to the needs of all types of Churches who want to connect with new visitors and minister current members. Visitors will not get distracted from your website’s essential information thanks to its elegant and subtle yet warming design elements.



Adventure Layout is a perfect choice for your travel company or agency’s website. The versatile layout kit will also work great with your photo galleries, portfolio, and personal travel blog. The overall design of this free Divi layout is elegant and clean with cool hovering animations and stunning, vibrant color combination. You will be able to showcase your services while connecting with your visitors.


Attorney Layout Kit (Quiroz)

Designed with law firms, lawyers, practices, and agencies in mind, the Attorney Layout Kit by Quiroz is all about professional and clean design. The kit includes four custom pages such as Home, Our Practice, Our Firm, and Contact. It also takes basic SEO into account to help you kickstart the online presence of your practice.


Construction Company Layout Pack (ET)

The Construction Company Layout Pack by Elegant Themes is a powerful layout that comes with all the pages your construction company or business needs to promote its services online. You won’t have a problem getting ahead of your competition and boosting your company’s reputation with its contemporary and professional design. The entire kit comes complete with pages for a portfolio, project, and services, as well as all the tools you need for creating a remarkable construction site.


Divi Music Layout

Any musician, artist, and music lover will surely love the free Divi Music Layout by Divi Web Design. The single page layout utilized the Perky Animate module to showcase its power. Thanks to Giphy, Pexels, and Flaticon, the layout pack use free images and icons. You will also be able to apply a tilt effect of wave effect to its header or play around with its settings to get the design you want.


BMW Layout

Divi Web Design’s BMW Layout Pack make use of Perky Animate, Map Extended module, and Fullwidth Header Extended and comes packed with features. It has nice image animations for showcasing every detail of your products. The free layout kit comes with features like header animation, video pop-up, image zoom, hover effect, and more that will give you an edge over your competitors.


Personal Trainer Layout Pack

Give your fitness website an energetic vibe with Elegant Theme’s Personal Trainer Layout Pack for Divi. It uses a striking color scheme for its background and large fonts that glow that will truly grab the attention of your visitors. The impressive design and content structure of this layout are highly effective for promoting your personal training business and get those clients to sign up for your online membership.


Anchor Layout

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install free Divi layout that can jumpstart your next project, then you may want to consider the Anchor Layout by BeSuperfly. The multi-purpose, one-page layout has that coastal charm to it and features effects and styling from the popular Divi Child Themes, Anthem, and Josefin.


Dojo Cafe Layout

If you’re looking for a sticky or floating mobile menu for mobile phones, the cool Dojo Cafe Layout by Divi Dojo is the answer you’re looking for. The layout not only comes with a scroll-up menu that sticks on devices but it also features a pretty nice mini-animation that can rotate your logo slightly at a 7 degrees angle.


Language School Layout Pack

The Language School Layout Pack by Elegant Themes with its colorful design and lovely collection of graphics is definitely not boring and will entice your visitors. The layout packs allows you to present your courses beautifully with all the essential elements your online language course site needs from two-course pages to a full landing page.


Beauty Salon Layout

The Beauty Salon is an another free layout from B3 Multimedia. This one-page layout has been built for all types of hairdresser and beauty salon websites. It’s mobile optimised and looks great on all devices! It includes 9 beautiful sections and can be downloaded for free!


Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing Layout Pack by Geno Quiroz is created especially for marketing agencies such as inbound, HubSpot, as well as web developers. It has five custom pages which include Landing Page, About, Services, Service, and Contact. With a modern design and unique animations, your marketing website will bring clients to you in no time.


Divi SaaS Landing Page (DiviLife)

Divi SaaS Landing Page by DiviLife is a multi-purpose free layout landing page for Divi. Although it is designed particularly for SaaS or software as a service company, any type of business can utilize it. The layout kit has a professional and contemporary design, as well as a powerful and clean landing page suitable for almost all kinds of projects you have in mind. You can easily upload it to your page directly using the potable import feature of Divi.


Political Candidate Layout Pack

Anyone running for office or looking for a Divi layout portfolio that focuses mainly on information will find this free Political Candidate Layout Pack by Elegant Themes handy. The trustworthy layout pack is what you need for sharing relevant information and secure the attention of your visitors on your site for as long as possible.


Hosting Layout Pack

This Hosting Layout Pack by Divigear is perfect for your web hosting business or project. It’s fun, easy to use, and has a beautiful, simple, and fast design. The layout kit includes pages for Home, About, Pricing, Service, and Contact, which you can customize any way you like to ensure it suits the brand and feel of your hosting business.



Lander is clean, simple, modern, and just stunning. From smooth lines and a dynamic color scheme to distinct geometric box design, it’s the perfect layout to complement your personal life coaching or tutorial website. It’s also highly customizable to accommodate any service-providing businesses.


Dentist Layout Pack

Make your dental practice shine and give it a refreshing space online with the Dentist Layout Pack by Elegant Themes. It comes with essential features such as dental services, discount offers, and contact info that your visitors and potential clients will find useful. The layout also has design elements unique to it cleverly fused with clean pages and a color scheme relevant to the dental industry.


Business Coach Layout Pack

Elegant Themes created the Business Coach Layout Pack specifically for business coaches who are eager to book workshops or speaking appointments and looking to promote their publications. The layout has a flexible and professional design with individual and organized events listings. 



Anthony by Divi Lover is an About Me Page layout for your personal Divi site. The free layout kit has all the elements you need to convince and win new potential customers. It features a professional, minimalistic, clean, and modern design fused with a subtle background and intensified with attractive flashes of vibrant colors. Telling your site’s visitors who you are and letting them see your face is a highly effective personal branding strategy that this layout covers.


Bonus – Elegant Themes Layouts

Because we love you that much, here’s a collection of free Divi Layout Packs from Elegant Themes that you can choose from. All the 118 layouts listed here are world-class and come with original images and photos that you can use personally and commercially. There are also video tutorials to make installation simple for you.

There you have it, more than 25 amazing, simple to use, free Divi layouts you can use for your next project. These free layouts for Divi are a great place to start no matter what site you’re trying to build. Let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out on anything!

Aileen Cuaresma

Aileen Cuaresma

Aileen is a Technical and Creative writer with an extensive knowledge of WordPress and Shopify. She works with companies on building their brand and optimizing their website. She also runs a local travel agency with her family. On her free time, she loves reading books, exploring the unknown, playing with her two adorable dogs, and listening to K-pop.

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