10 Must-Read Articles For Divi Beginners

There is no doubt that Divi is one of the best WordPress themes available on the market today. It’s a popular choice among WordPress users and it is highly recommended by professionals. In this article, we’ve listed 10 of the best Divi articles out there that new users of the platform will find extremely beneficial and useful.


The Ultimate Divi Child Theme Guide for 2019

It truly is the ultimate guide on Divi child themes as this article covers everything about the topic including the how, when, why, what, and the different forms of a child theme. Once you’re done reading the article, you’ll have a great understanding of these things. Plus, there’s even a free blank Divi child theme you can download!


The Difference Between a Premium Divi Child Theme and a Divi Layout Kit

You are ready to set up your website but you’re having a hard time choosing between a premium Divi child theme and a layout kit? This article takes a closer look at the several differences between the two to help with your decision. Not only does the article explain what layout kits and a child themes are all about, but it also lists down the features you can expect from the two options you have.


Divi Theme Documentation

There’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of Divi than from the makers themselves, Elegant Themes. The Divi Theme Documentation is a collection of tutorials where you’ll be able to learn the basics of Divi, how to use its builder, library, and modules, as well as how to customize it. There’s also a set of tutorials on its many features that you can explore.


Top Reasons Why You Should Use Divi For Your Website

We already know that Divi is a great theme for WordPress and there are many reasons to love it. But if you’re still having second thoughts about using the platform, then you need to read this article to fully understand why you should use Divi for your website right now. By the time you’re finished reading the article, I’m sure you’ll be itching to start working on your website.


12 Web Design Trends That Dominated In 2020

It is crucial to stay updated on the latest trends in web design every year to ensure your site will make a mark in the digital world. So, if you’re looking to update your website, this is a must-read. Follow the tips and techniques we have here to create an unforgettable and unique design that you can capitalize on.


The Divi Theme VS The Divi Builder Plugin

Divi Theme or Divi Builder plugin? If you’re confused or can’t decide which one to use, then this article will be able to help you with that part. It explains the differences between the plugins to give you a deep understanding of each.


Best 13 Places To Find The Best Divi Tips And Tricks Online

The Best 13 Places To Find The Best Divi Tips And Tricks Online article is like your one-stop-shop for all things Divi. It makes the life of a Divi newbie so much easier by listing the top sites where you can find the best Divi tutorials, resources, hacks, and tips and tricks. You’ll also find sites here with useful information about SEO, how you can grow your online brand, and empower yourself as a designer.


8 Must-Have Divi Plugins For Your Website

Divi is highly customizable, and you can extend its functionality further by using plugins. The must-have Divi Plugins listed here are specifically designed for the Divi Theme and will be able to help you build a stunning website no matter what your design skill level is. Don’t worry you don’t even need to learn how to code when using these plugins.


10 Brilliant Divi Tutorials to Try Today

These brilliant Divi tutorials are simple to follow just like the drag-and-drop theme. It has everything you need, from relevant information to useful tools that will help you create a distinct website and succeed with Divi in no time.


Free Stock Photo Sites to Make Your Website Sing

Beautiful images are an essential part of web design. There are numerous stock photos online, but most are tacky and will put a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your budget with these free stock photo sites that offer high-quality stock images for your site or blog. You’ll find everything you’re looking for here such as striking sceneries and mouthwatering food snaps.

The articles we’ve listed here have all the information and resources you need to begin your Divi journey as easy and as simple as possible. Which article did you find most useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

Aileen Cuaresma

Aileen Cuaresma

Aileen is a Technical and Creative writer with an extensive knowledge of WordPress and Shopify. She works with companies on building their brand and optimizing their website. She also runs a local travel agency with her family. On her free time, she loves reading books, exploring the unknown, playing with her two adorable dogs, and listening to K-pop.

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