Best Entertainment Websites Built with Divi

Divi is a wonderful WordPress theme for entertainment websites. You will get many well-designed professional themes to help you head start your Divi entertainment site. Simply install the desired theme, add your branding and content, and you are good to go!

Entertainment websites need creativity, and with a lot of features and options, Divi facilitates the same. This premium WordPress theme ensures an impressive website – whether you are a newbie or a seasoned developer. You can use it to easily develop a feature-rich website for entertainment services, including music, art, dance, and much more.

Check out our list of Divi entertainment website examples, and get inspired for your next project. If you are new to Divi, read this helpful post about how to create a website with the Divi theme.


Crated With Love

Crated With Love delivers customized, handmade date night boxes designed for people in love . This Divi-based website gets couples interacting and spending quality time in a fun and easy ways. Each date box specifically contains activities and games to make couples laugh and strengthen their relationship.

The website’s sophisticated and intuitive design makes it easy to shop and order a date night box easily. The simple drop-down menu on the top of the page allows for simple navigation. The theme, colors, minimalism, and above all, their services make Crated With Love irresistible for couples seeking a fun-loaded date night.



Depianier is specifically intended to cover piano lovers of all ages and all tastes. The store deals in an impressively wide range of brand new and used pianos and even grand pianos in every price range. In addition, you can also sell and rent your favorite piano and even ask for a repair of the instrument.

Though the website has a lot of content, that’s mainly because of its extensive range of services in their field. The best part is this modern Divi entertainment site is very easy to navigate. The top menu includes the most used links, such as Sale, Repair, Piano Lessons, Transport, Contact, and a few more. The footer design is also clean and highly readable.


Encore DJs

Encore DJs provides boutique entertainment services for weddings, private parties, celebrity events, schools/colleges, corporate events, and other events. Their unique and tasteful approach to music ensures that you can offer lifetime memories to everyone at your party. Every element on this well-thought Divi website is simple and intuitive.

Its header showcases a full-screen motion video in the background with an impressive CTA in the foreground. The following sections provide highlights on the entertainment services covered by Encore DJs. Scrolling down will also show you their existing or previous corporate clients. The clean footer and impressive color scheme make it easy to navigate through the site.


Joy 99

Joy 99 is one of the best destinations for contemporary Christian music. The local businesses fund this local for-profit commercial supported station for operating expenses. Intended to bring joy to their listeners, this modern Divi website follows the minimalist approach.

Upon landing on the website, a simple but joyful feature image greets you. The header showcases options like Listen Live, On Air, About Us, Events, and Connect. Another section, “Shows,” displays upcoming daily shows from top hosts at the station. Each section on the website is well-organized using a clean layout, with colors alternating from white to bright.


SeaTREK Helmet Diving 

The SeaTREK website welcomes you with an immersive video slider that takes you on an underwater trek. The company designed guided underwater walking tours for swimmers and non-swimmers aged between 8 and 80+. You can experience thrilling helmet diving and friendly marine life in more than 51 amusing locations.

You will see the hamburger menu that entails five different options on the top of the video slider. Scroll down a little to find a map to discover locations where SeaTREK offers its incredible services.

The bottom of the page showcases an image gallery of SeaTREK users. On the footer, you will find their social media buttons and links to their important web pages.


The Agee Family

Consisting of a mom, a dad, and five children, The Agee Family is dedicated to worship and glorify God through music and travel. This modern Divi website keeps everything minimal and on one page for users’ ease.

The navigation menu at the top is just the perfect size. It is followed by a flat lay image of the lovely family of seven members. It is then followed by the mission statement and about The Agree Family. Scroll a bit to find the list of tracks, paired with a call-to-action button.

You can also check out their schedule and book an appointment for an event or concert with the family. All in all, the black-white-gray minimalist layout and fast load time make it a great website.


Espacio FCI

Espacio FCI provides a perfect space for the study, practice, and development of Contact Improvisation Dance in Madrid. This fun, intuitive Divi website gives cozy vibes right away as you land on the home page. Adding interest to the website are 3D-type images of dance poses in the class schedule section.

The contact and subscription section on the homepage comes with a video and an excellent layout for listing their programs. The website showcases every piece of information you might need to know. And, if you miss anything in the header, the helpful footer finds all links to popular content on the website as well as social media links.


Ivan Dimitrov

Ivan Dimitrov expresses his thoughts through his unexpected artistic techniques, from bas-reliefs and terracotta figures to groups sculptors of the Nativity. Just like Ivan’s unique approach to painting, sculpturing, and engraving, his Divi website is just sleek and fine. The full-width header and dark but sophisticated color scheme make it stand out.

The homepage explains Ivan’s story straightforwardly. It showcases his works, biography, and information about events and exhibitions. The last part includes links to the site’s popular pages, contact information, and links to social media pages. The clever use of white spaces makes it easy on the visitors’ eyes.


DJ Mario D Lopez

Deejay Mario Divi website combines a full-screen video slider with the company tagline and a CTA to make a call. On the top, you will see their logo and the space-saving hamburger menu icon. The next section talks about the importance of music for various events and a CTA button to make inquiries.

It is followed by another section that speaks about the experience and expertise of DJs with Deejay Mario. Scroll down a bit to discover their client testimonials. The footer has many well-thought elements and links to important content on the site. It also has a contact form and social media buttons. All elements and color schemes just give a fun vibe.


Souffleur de Reves

As soon as you land on the website – Souffleur de Reves – you will be impressed with its kids-themed color scheme, font style, and layout. The site shares audio stories for children aged 3-8+. You will see a drop-down menu that includes Hear Our Stories, Themes, Characters, and Premium Rates on the header.

One most interesting element of this Divi site is its amusing slider, which features the information and CTA about the latest series. The fascinating color combination, impressive fonts you will love, and images make it appealing to both – kids and parents. You will find links to the Souffleur de Reves mobile app for Android and iOS devices in the footer.

These examples of amazing entertainment websites showcase the versatility of the Divi WordPress plugin. If you find some awesome Divi sites, you could share those with us in the comment below.

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Navkiran Dhaliwal

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