The Divi Toolbox: the Best Toolkit Plugin for Divi

No need for tutorials. No need to experiment with code, trying to make your website look perfect – and failing. And no more frustration. Here comes the Divi Toolbox to solve your problems!

Effects you’ve always wanted

The Divi Toolbox, a new plugin made by Ania from Divi Lover, is the absolute must-have for those who are frustrated by Divi’s shortcomings. Divi is a powerful and amazing theme, but ambitious users who wish to create fantastic advanced effects using Divi often find it problematic. Until now, Divi’s limitations could only be overcome by following tutorials or writing your own CSS. But this ends now!

The Divi Toolbox is a comprehensive toolkit with loads of features which dramatically expand Divi’s functionality. What used to be available only for CSS experts, now is possible for everyone. The Toolbox adds over 60 main features and hundreds of subfeatures to the Theme Customizer.

Take a look at Toolbox’s landing page, which has been created using the Divi Toolbox. This is the kind of amazing result you could achieve on your website!

So many possibilities!

The Divi Toolbox makes working with the Divi theme easier and faster in many ways. For example, it adds the option to make global changes, like global heading customization. When you enable a feature in the Divi Toolbox plugin, it activates a set of related customization options in the Theme Customizer. There, you can customize each element, adjusting its color, size, font, hover effect, and many more!

Stand out from the crowd!

With the Toolbox, you can change many features which are unchangeable without coding skills. You can customize the 404 error page. You can change the blog layout, and customize blog archive pages. You can completely change your header, navigation, and menu with many additional features. And you can add some awesome effects to shake things up! Divi Toolbox will enable you to set different scrolling speeds for modules with the parallax scrolling effect. You will also be able to create a cool particle background, and add an awesome 3D tilt effect to make your CTA buttons more persuasive.

No more limitations!

The Toolbox makes it possible to upload SVG files, a feature which is unavailable by default. You can also change the mobile menu breakpoint to make your website more suitable for mobile devices.  With the Toolbox, you can easily set a preloader and customize it with a few clicks. You can create custom popups, replace the default back-to-top button with a custom one, and change your scrollbar.

And the best thing?

The Divi Toolbox gets awesome support. It’s been made by one Divi Lover for the community of Divi enthusiasts worldwide. Its goal is to make Divi simple and approachable for everyone, regardless of their coding knowledge.

The Toolbox evolves even as you’re reading these words. Right now, Ania is working on adding a whole set of WooCommerce-related features. Plugin users can make suggestions for more features and tweaks, and – as the license includes lifetime upgrades – they will get all the new features as soon as they are ready.

You can search far and wide, but you won’t find another plugin like this one! And you’re in for a special treat! You can get the Divi Toolbox with a smashing 10% discount! Get it now before the discount expires, quickly, go!

Edyta Gaida

Edyta Gaida

Edyta, also known as Englishwriterka, is a Copywriter and a Creative Writer. She takes pride in creating the textual identity of Polish brands abroad. In her free time, she writes a Young Adult novel in English and takes care of her family, which has now four members, including a puppy. She is Silesian, lives in Poland, writes in English, and loves all things Korean. The world is her mollusk.

The Divi Toolbox is the best plugin to power up the Divi theme.
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