Our Favorite Divi Plugins

As if Divi weren’t already amazing, other developers have created some great Divi plugins that extend the functionality and customization of a Divi build.
We’re pleased to review and recommend these favorites:
* Plugins are listed in random order
This plugin by Aspen Grove Studios offers several ‘tweaking’ functionalities, many for mobile layouts.

Some features:
– Menu link animations
– Toggle customizations
– Fixed mobile headers
– Light and dark side menus

Divi Switch is not for the novice Divi user. While you can easily set up the changes you want to make (instructions are very clear with screenshots), you will need to know specifically what you want to achieve when using the features Divi Switch provides. You will also need a basic understanding of CSS, as this comes into play with some of the features.

The plugin is available as a single license per purchase.

Make Powerful Changes to your Divi Website
BeSuperFly’s Image Intense plugin takes the picture-and-caption gallery settings several steps further, by adding hover effects that, well, make it more fun to look at galleries.

With animated zoom and jump, the on-image title can resize or pop, and each effect features a caption placement that can pop, slide or fade in, right onto the image, instead of below it. While we would not recommend a mix of more than a few per gallery, there certainly are many effects to choose from.

The Image Intense plugin sells with a single or unlimited license structure.

Divi Overlays presents options to create full-screen pop-ups or a page-within-a-page. When employed, a click on a Call to Action or More button releases an entire page or pop-up with more information or deeper interaction with the product or site.

It takes a bit of studying to see how this builder triggers and works, but once you understand the concept, your imagination takes hold.

The plugin sells with a single license, 3-site license, unlimited and lifetime unlimited license.

The Divi Booster plugin has many features that can be accomplished without writing CSS, and addresses some elements that aren’t already built into Divi.

Some favorites are an overhanging logo, a builder for Post pages, removing the bullet point from lists, custom icons for the blurb module, and many, many more.

The purchase of the plugin includes updates for life (he’s adding new features all the time).

The plug-in is offered at a single purchase price. The DiviBooster website features a blog with many other tips outside the plugin for working with Divi.

The easy way to make you Divi website better
This plugin takes testimonials to another level, by adding animation, styling and advanced placement, so your endorsements stand out. In addition to customization features and five unique styles, Testimonial Slider’s backend interface lets you assign categories to each endorsement for a categorized display on various pages.

Taking this module a step further, Testimonial Slider features sidebar widgets that behave similarly to the ‘big’ testimonials, with timed animation and sideways scrolling.


Elegant Theme’s Divi Builder plugin allows you to work in a WordPress site and create and publish pages in the modular Divi fashion, without having to replace the existing theme.

Divi Builder comes with the same set of Divi modules, a responsive grid, pre-made layouts and customizable features.

Any WordPress theme can ‘act’ like a Divi theme, by building and publishing pages with this plugin.

As with all things Divi, this plugin is available only by purchasing membership to Elegant Themes, for $89 per year or a one-time lifetime membership at $249, which of course gives you access to all the other themes and Divi extras Elegant Themes offers.

This plugin to display your company team has so many options, it will be exciting to put your roster on your website. The team cover has the ability to Show Position and Show Department under the featured image, and further META to include each team member’s contact information, website, email. You can even color code just about anything: department, position, meta, buttons, borders and more…

This plugin comes with Divi Builder module, so you can further customize this feature to your liking.

Monarch is a social media plugin from Elegant Themes, that allows you to display links to social media in the form of buttons placed at various areas on your website pages. You have options for vertical floating sidebar with flyout, as an automatic pop-up, below your post title/meta, even on your images. It also includes various ‘triggers’ to display the social buttons after a completed purchase, for example.

Customization options let you change colour and icon, and of course all buttons are responsive.

Bloom is also available from Elegant Themes, and is used as a pop-up for email opt-in or announcements. Some styling and positioning options are available, and it ties into many email service providers, so you can easily get set up with your mailing list of choice.

To use Bloom for announcements, simply choose ‘HTML’ in the email providers’ list, and this will allow you to sidestep this opt-in and use the text and title areas – and even include a photo – for announcements instead.

The Best Divi Plugins
Tari Donohue

Tari Donohue

Grace Studio

Tari Donohue is a branding agent and designer from Portland, Oregon, US, and works primarily with wineries, farms and epicures. Her website work is done in Wordpress and Squarespace. She has designed over 40 websites and authored four themes. Her photography is often featured in the websites she designs.

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  1. Sinoun

    Love this list! I haven’t had the need to use plugins too much with Divi (except for Monarch) because the theme is great in itself, but this is an awesome resource. Will definitely bookmark. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Sharique Ahmad

    Great post for best divi plugins collection! Thank you for sharing!


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