Top 10 Real Estate Themes for WordPress

Are you building a website for a real estate business? Or are you looking to bootstrap your real estate business by amping up its website? Then you need to check out these WordPress themes.

WordPress runs over 25% of the world’s websites, and there are some amazing and powerful themes for real estate sites. In this article, we’ve got 10 of the best real estate themes currently on the market. We’ll be looking at themes which offer a range of features that can apply to different types of real estate sites.

Divi is to WordPress what WordPress is to the Internet. It’s one of the most powerful and popular themes available for WordPress. A Divi child theme gives you all of the power of the core Divi theme, but customized to your needs and including custom modules which you can’t get with Divi alone. Because of the power and flexibility that it offers, we’ve included a few Divi child themes in this list, as well.


Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme

If you’re after a lot of detail and have the resources to customize the site, then this is the theme for you. The Houzez theme is the closest you’ll come to a fully custom-built site. This theme offers tons of powerful features. It includes a buyer-agent direct messaging system, helping your customers to reach you faster and letting you organize your conversations in one place. It also has a handy booking calendar, a property rating and review feature, a lot of features which help you organize properties and other data. It is also regularly updated – for example, it now includes a GDPR agreement.

Price: Regular License $59 | Extended License $1350


Findeo – Real Estate WordPress Theme

One of the few real estate themes that focus specifically on UX (user experience). Findeo has been designed to maximize aesthetics and functionality to the user. It also has impressive technical features such as a drag-and-drop form builder, user dashboard to help returning users save their data, property notifications, and a property comparison feature.

Findeo even uses heat maps to make sure that the theme is as user friendly as possible.

Price: Regular License $59 | Extended License $1800


Maisons – Divi Child Theme

Video is one of fastest growing media types and is a proven marketing tool. One of the best aspects of the Maisons theme is that it has a built-in homepage video feature. It is also IMPress-plugin-ready. One of its features is a streamlined listing process designed to make listing single properties easier.

From a design perspective, the theme comes with nice, bold calls to action which make it easy for people to call, message, and email agents about a property. Continuing its focus on marketing, the theme also comes ready with a custom blog page. It also features a sidebar with powerful widgets like search, property listings, and newsletter/content sign-up.

Price: $95


Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate Theme

The Real Homes theme is robust and full of features that can really get your listings noticed. And with over 16,000 customers, this popular theme has got excellent tools for both estate agents and designers alike. For agents, there is a powerful and detailed members’ section which allows agents to easily and quickly upload properties. It also lets them easily add floor plans and attachments.

For designers, the theme features easy-to-set-up custom settings and meta boxes, a ‘similar properties’ feature, support for MailChimp to help you build your mailing list with ease, integration with Google maps for displaying properties… and much more.

Price: Regular License $59 | Extended License $2950


Listate Divi Child Theme

Don’t let the quirky pink logo fool you. Listate is a powerful Divi child theme. It focuses on minimalism and elegance, and is well suited for the luxury property market. Setting up the theme is effortless thanks to its detailed documentation and support.

Features of the theme include full integration into IMPress Listings, custom search and results, three different listing layouts, a custom 404 error page, and a lot of modules to help you easily sell and rent properties.

Price: $75


Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme

The Residence Real Estate theme boasts over 400 theme options to create a customized website. It also allows users to create listings either for free, or based on a subscription. The theme offers also an advanced search feature using geolocation (excellent if you’re covering a dense or large geographical area), customizable property cards and pages, a virtual tour of the property feature, property reviews, and over 30 header styles and options.

Having so many options may be a blessing or a curse. If you want to set up your website quickly, you may become frustrated with too many choices. But if you want to customize your website in the smallest detail and believe that the way you display property search is of paramount importance, this is a theme for you.

Price: Regular License $59


Real Places – Responsive WordPress Real Estate Theme

If you’re looking for multiple ways to showcase a property for sale, then Real Places is your theme. The feature-rich theme has tools and options such as three different variations for Property Detail Page, multiple ways of displaying property pages, meta boxes which make it easy to upload and revise information about a property, easy review features for estate agents, and simple floor plans.

Price: Regular License $59


Zoner – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Mobile devices account for nearly half the traffic on the Internet and are quickly gaining market share. A site with responsive design is an absolute must and Zoner delivers.

It features a fully responsive design and has useful features such as property comparison, property bookmarking for registered users, a currency converter, a social login to help your customers log in faster, 15 homepage variations for the pickiest customers, a new message system, and dynamic maps.

Price: Regular License $59 | Extended License $2700


Landmark – Real Estate WordPress Theme

The Landmark theme is a large, clean and simple theme that is very easy to navigate in its native form. The theme is not only retina ready and fully responsive, it features a ton of design features such as up to six variations on homepage design featuring maps and single property; live property search providing results as you type – and excellent feature to make searching properties and buying even easier for you customers! You can also customize the icon and color of a property on the map and group different types of properties together.

On top of this, a detailed agent dashboard makes it easy for agents to upload and track their properties.

Price: Regular License $59 | Extended License $2999



DiviEstate is our own powerful theme for a well-organized, ambitious real estate agency! Not only is it attractive and fully-functional – it is also insanely easy to use, both for the agency and its customers. It is also regularly updated to keep up with the changes in the real estate industry. For example, in the last update, we have added a ton of new features, including an advanced search module and new map styles! Amazing custom features and the intricate detail of the theme put it into a class of its own.

DiviEstate’s features include a comprehensive property management system allowing you to set the price, update information, create galleries, attach files, videos, add agents, and so much more. Visually, DiviEstate delivers a sleek, professional look with custom icons, engaging hover effects, custom preloaders, parallax scrolling effect – all to help your visitors stay and become customers.  With custom CTA modules and intuitive navigation you can market and sell properties with ease and efficiency. Advanced property search using specific search criteria such as price range, size, and property type, helps your customers find what they are looking for in short time.

Custom modules offered by DiviEstate feature advanced customizers and lots of options to match the site to your brand. Raise your website’s conversion rates with these amazing features!

Price: Regular License €65 | Extended License €175

In every business, the best practice is to make it easy for your customers to contact you or make a purchase. A real estate agency website is a tool, which helps your customers search your properties, make a decision, and contact you about it. The themes we have selected offer different features and modules, which can be additionally customized. They are attractive, powerful, and provide good user experience. But each is different because each real estate agency is unique.
What do you think? Which one would be best for you? What makes a perfect real estate theme?
Noel Anthony

Noel Anthony

Noel Anthony is a copywriter and marketer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in the sustainability and automotive markets, he has always held an interest in web and digital technologies and has built websites from scratch, in Wordpress and using Divi. In his downtime he gardens and builds cars.

DiviEstate is a perfect choice for your real estate website. This child theme has all the features needed to run a realtor’s business successfully.
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  1. allan

    Is it possible to get a working link to Listate Demo

    • Maciej Ekstedt

      Hi Allan,

      The live preview of each website can be seen after price/license blue link is clicked 🙂

      Here is a link to Listate Theme

  2. Bourne


    That’s really an amazing themes collection. You’ve done a great job. Keep doing your work to know us more about themes and blogging.

    I’d like to add that I’m going to start my blog o earn some passive income and for this I was searching the best and free themes for my blog along with some useful blogging tips. While I was looking for the best themes I went through the site providing free templates and many other great benefits too.

    So I’m all set to start my blog using free templates on Revglue which is an UK based company and providing great number of facilities to the new bloggers. But i don’t have any experience yet with this so before starting I just need experts opinion about this site. You can also suggest me any other platform that is useful for new bloggers.

    Please don’t forget to share your feedback so I can decide what to do next?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Maciej Ekstedt

      Hello Bourne,

      I’m glad to hear about your new business and I can say a few words about the platform you should use. You should definitely check Divi from Elegant Themes. It is really powerful and easy to use website builder/framework. It has an awesome front-end builder integrated which allows you to build website without coding skills.. and if you already have some coding skills that’s even better. Hopefully this helps 🙂


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