Real-Life Examples of Blogging Dos and Don’ts

A few days ago, we published an article showing the pros of having a blog on your company’s website. If you haven’t read it yet, grab a link: 5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Improve Your Business.
Enough theory! We have analyzed for you five real blogs from the famous and up-and-coming web design companies. We have checked what makes them successful (or not). All these blogs operate in the close-knit world of Divi-based web design and each of them employs different tactics to attract readers and customers. Let us learn from their success and mistakes!

Elegant Themes

ET publish new blog posts once or even twice a day. They have around 2400 blog posts going as far back as 2008. The sheer volume of text is intimidating! Yet, this is exactly why Google gives ET top results in related searches. The more high-quality original content you have, the higher your search engine ranking.

ET don’t follow strictly one topic or type of post. They write posts on their product releases and Divi updates, on various WordPress features and plugins, on web design, marketing, Internet security, and other related topics. They also publish Divi tutorials. This is a wide spectrum of topics, yet the blog doesn’t go beyond those which are interesting to WordPress users, Divi users, web designers, and website owners. ET won’t tell you how to keep your potted plants free of whiteflies.

This amount of blog content is impossible to navigate conveniently without a search bar – so the ET blog has a search bar, of course. It helps visitors find whatever information they need – without having to go through the whole archive.

Visit Elegant Themes Blog


Divi Cake

New blog posts appear in the DiviCake blog on average three to four times a month. The first post appeared in June 2017, making this a relatively young blog. Since DiviCake is a community marketplace for Divi developers, a lot of their blog posts are tutorials and design inspirations. They also focus on free tools and resources, which is a SEO master-stroke. For example, if you Google “free Divi child themes”, a blog post by DiviCake will be the first organic result on the list.

This blog doesn’t have a search bar, but the volume of posts isn’t as overwhelming as that in the Elegant Themes blog. The blog page displays only five posts at a time, inviting readers to explore the content at leisure.

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The Design Space Co

There are no dates to the blog posts (!) so it’s impossible to tell with accuracy how frequently this blog is updated. It contains 40 blog posts, the first from April 2015 (guesstimation based on the comments, which are dated). It means that, on average, The Design Space Co publish one blog post per month.

Like the whole website, the blog page is minimalist and elegant. As you scroll down, new blog posts appear, so there is no need to click “older entries” when you want to go further back. The blog also has a search bar, and the posts are divided into six categories: Blogging, Branding, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Website Design. If you’re interested in just one category, you can click on it and the blog posts will be filtered accordingly.

The blog posts focus on practical information, also offering tutorials. Some of them also offer videos.

SEO-wise, the Design Space Co’s blog doesn’t fare that great, maybe because they focus on many general topics. When you Google “style the Divi back to top button”, their blog post is third in the results, but if you search for their more general topics like blogging or marketing, they don’t even make the first page.

Then again, if someone has already found their blog, they are likely to stay. The blog posts are informative and witty, written in an engaging and fun way.

Visit Design Space Blog


Aspen Grove Studios

From what you can see on the blog page, they are hiring three copywriters. This allows them to maintain a steady and quite fast rate of publishing new posts, which has picked up in the last months. In February 2018, Aspen Grove Studios published four blog posts, and in June 2018 – eleven.

They publish a lot of tutorials, for beginners and for advanced users alike. They also offer WP the Podcast recaps, as well as webinar recaps, and WP plugin reviews. They have a lot of posts about WordPress, WP plugins, e-commerce, and online marketing.

When it comes to SEO, I got mixed results. Aspen Grove Studios have a lot of quite general posts on GDPR, WordPress plugins, even two posts about installing WordPress – which do not perform well in Google results. But if you search for “how to manually back up a wordpress website”, their blog post is the first result. And their more specific topics perform great. For example, if you search for “updraftplus on divi website”, Aspen Grove Studios’ blog post will be the first search result on the list, beating even Elegant Themes!

Visit Aspen Grove Studios Blog


Monterey Premier

Their blog is called “Engaging WorkLife” and it seems to be a unicorn among our case studies. First of all, no new blog posts have been published between April and the end of July. Also, it’s difficult to determine the publishing rate, because posts are divided into categories by default, and the categories overlap.

What’s interesting, is the range of topics. Even though Monterey Premier is a company offering web design services, their blog spans all areas of life. To give you just a few categories: Web Design, SEO, Education, Health Hacks, Military Life, and so on.

Time for the SEO-check. When I searched for “Divi theme customizer”, Monterey Premier’s blog post was number ten on the first page of results, following four blog posts by ET and five YouTube videos. It is still on the first page of results, though, and a customer who’s feeling fed up with ET and doesn’t want to watch a video will certainly click on the MP post.

But if you search for “child hidden dust allergy”, Monterey Premier’s blog post will come up as the first result. But how useful is this high position for Monterey Premier? The chances that someone looking for information on dust allergy will be interested in ordering a website designing services are very slim.

The idea behind this blog is to help people who are seeking new ideas and inspiration as well as tips on reaching a healthy balance between work and life. While certainly unorthodox, this approach is very ambitious and altruistic. And the articles offer sound advice. The fans of this blog are certain to stick with it!

Visit Monterey Premier Blog

Whoa, this has been a helluva long post! If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a treat. These are short tips on successful blogging which have emerged from our case studies.
And that’s it! Do you have your own tips? What are the best-performing blogs you know?
Edyta Gaida

Edyta Gaida

Edyta, also known as Englishwriterka, is a Copywriter and a Creative Writer. She takes pride in creating the textual identity of Polish brands abroad. In her free time, she writes a Young Adult novel in English and takes care of her family, which has now four members, including a puppy. She is Silesian, lives in Poland, writes in English, and loves all things Korean. The world is her mollusk.

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