10 Best FREE Blog Page Templates for Divi Theme

It’s time to spice up your blog page designs with exciting and easy templates for Divi. Creativity and uniqueness are the essence of these Divi Layouts which will enhance the look and feel of your blog page designs so that your customers will feel at awe and ease while viewing your posts.

These templates are curated with an eye for design that offers a touch of modern aspects to your blog page designs. These layouts make your blog pages attractive with awesome design, keen attention to details, and all the perfect tinge and hues to give them an artistic facet. We looked for templates with modern typography that will greatly improve your blog’s readability.

Below mentioned are the 10 best FREE templates for the Divi Blog page. These will help you create that perfect design for your Blog that you have been after for a long time.


CSS Grid Blog Layout

CSS Grid Blog layout portrays a clean look with a white background giving a simple, clean, and modern feel to your blog. It uses a grid layout for the blog posts with thumbnails and cards. A fantastic feature of this template is the availability of custom edits for CSS variables so that you can edit the design very easily. This layout will take very little to no effort to turn it into the blog layout you always wanted to have. This layout uses the grid format and the cards to show the blog posts in a very pleasant design.


Blog Layout by Divi-Den

For an awesome layout with modern, classy, and innovative designs, Divi-Den’s website has some great options for your blog. This design with a featured image in the background makes your blog page layout very impactful. Shape Dividers are used very nicely to separate the sections and carry over the same design feel to the end of the page. The rest of the posts are shown in a single column on the page with very nice and subtle hover animation. The post thumbnails are huge and with a very prominent title, the blog posts on the page really stand out. This could be a great option for people looking for a blog layout with a single column.


Stunning Free Divi Blog Page Layout Pack for Travel Websites

Travel business boom in this decade has upgraded to new levels, so highlight your blog posts with this layout for the Divi theme. Elegantly arrange your blog posts to make it super easy and engaging for your visitors to engage with your website blog. This Divi layout pack for travel websites offers an 8-page layout that you can set up within minutes, out of those 8 it also includes a layout for the blog page. Since it gives you entirely easy and manageable designs. You can use the options for display graphics, aesthetic pictures with action items in blurbs forms to make your layout ideal for awesome blog posts. Ultimately you will have a potentially higher audience and viewership on your content with greater accessibility to your content. This layout provides a captivating, modern, and clean look to your blog page. Since everyone is browsing websites and blogs for planning their destination trip or holiday. This layout will give you numerous options for setting up designs with creative display options for your blog-posts.


Fashion Blog Page

Fashion Blog page creates a clean, modern, and minimal style layout for any domain of fashion. Since everyone is searching for distinct yet easy fashion ideas and concepts there is a high need for iconic layout designs for fashion blog posts and websites. The pink and white color combination on this layout gives the essence of a fashionista. Fashion Blog page layout supplements your blog page with pictures against floral pink cover to make it attractive and admirable for your viewers. There is a section for News and Events on the main cover page which you can use to display recent fashion trends and updates in the fashion industry for your readers. Overall a very clean and modern look for your blog page, highly recommended layout for all the fashion related websites out there.


Food Recipe Blog

The art to present food is evolving every day with some amazing layout options to display your food blogs. This blog page layout is very well suited to display your food blog with a clean modern design. This layout offers a white background with artistic impressions of cutlery in the design. It makes great use of a grid layout to display all the posts on the page.


FREE Blog Page Template for Elementary School​

This layout is very well suited for the School and academic websites. The white background of the pages gives a great clean look to your page while the image in the background with gradient overlays also does a great job to highlight the first section header. This layout comes with a nice section towards the bottom which can be used to show some stats about your website and encourage your users to get in touch with you which can increase chances of generating leads from your blog. The layout is pretty straight forward and you can explore more blog layouts other than the list structure used in this layout to make the design truly yours. A great pick for school websites.


FREE Daycare Layout Pack for Divi

An exciting and vibrant layout type specially designed for arranging necessary information for a daycare blog page offered by the Elegant themes. This layout gives your blog posts the perfect combination of exuberant colors and writing patterns with significant layouts. The main section of your blog page offers a bluish background with a title and a one-liner descriptive info about your blog that is well organized and fully depicted in your blog posts as thumbnail boxes in a white background. The layout has a very playful feel to it. It also comes with the subscribe opt-in form towards the bottom which can convert your readers into subscribers.


Free Divi Layout for Travel Blog by Elegant Themes

Another amazing option from the Elegant themes team to be used on personal travel blog websites. This layout has a very elegant feel to it. A very prominent header towards the top and then a single column layout for the blog posts sets the feel for the whole layout. We also see a very nice grid layout for posts to highlight some of the featured posts. Towards the end, it has a very prominent call to action for email subscriptions. This layout can be the perfect choice to be used for personal travel blogs.


Free Blog Divi Layout from the Pixie Bundle by Divi-Den

Another great addition to the list by Divi-Den. This blog layout features a filter image animation effect, subscribe CTA, and a pre-designed footer for your website’s blog page. The depiction of this clean design for title and description helps your blog content stand out for your readers. The subtle hover animations added to the blog posts grid can add to the user experience. The pre-built footer for this layout also does a great job with adding a subscribe CTA and a simple clean layout for the other footer elements. This layout has direct download options on the Divi-Den website without any requirement for email provision, which is always great.


Magazine Style Blog Layout by Divi Soup

If you are after a great magazine-style layout for your Divi blog page, then this is the best FREE option you will find out there. It is available to download for free on the Divi Soup website. This layout does a great job of laying out all your blog post with a magazine-styled grid layout with no spaces in between the grid and a slightly dark overlay on each featured image. The post excerpt can be seen on hover which really adds to the overall design. Highly recommended for people who are trying to achieve this unique look for their Divi blog.

These 10 Blog Layouts can help elevate your business blog. They’re beautiful, easy to use, and have all the features you need to grow your company and its online presence. Try one of them today and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below.

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Mansoor Jadoon

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