Every company depends primarily on being a recognizable brand on the market. It pays to stand out and get the attention of as many consumers as possible. Every entrepreneur needs to create their own brand so that it is unique and popular. 

What is a brand?

A brand is a trademark – original, unforgeable, a “one of its kind” conglomerate of the name and graphic symbol which will always awaken associations with this particular company. An entrepreneur signing up with a brand guarantees its quality. Similarly products without a name are often considered unprofessional, hence the creation of a ‘good-brand’ becomes the ground of business success. For example, in the mid-80s a ‘good-brand’ was combined with luxurious clothes and indicated high social status. Therefore, the brand doesn’t only affect the manufacturer, but also the consumer.

Brand value is measured on the basis of customer awareness. That is why it is extremely important to build brand awareness or branding. Branding is a marketing technique involving the creation of the brand and consolidation of its positive image in the minds of consumers.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is achieved through an appropriate choice of name, logo, slogan, web site address, general appearance and design of media marketing materials that will be uniquely associated with a particular company. Therefore, the company must stand out so that the customer can notice its existence and want to use its services or purchase its products. The entrepreneur should for a moment change places with a consumer ‘I’m a client, so what attracts me? What do I like?’

Contact with a customer once is not enough, the manufacturer must fight for loyalty, remain in the mind of customers so that in the future they will reach for their products first and recommend them to their friends. This way, not only the brand awareness is created but also the circle of loyal customers grows. The company becomes popular and trustworthy which is a very important factor in branding.

Branding is often associated with global advertising and a huge financial outlay. However really good branding begins when the company has an idea of itself. Building a brand awareness is nothing else but a demonstration of creativity and controlling the human minds by associations. Branding begins when a consumer upon hearing the name associates it with the product, when seeing the logo matches it with the manufacturer. Branding works when the customer connects with it.

A positive brand should give a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, not only to the entrepreneurs, but also to the customer. Thanks to branding the company gains customer confidence which is so important in business. Hence branding is primarily creativity, building an association network among customers and consequently gaining their respect.

Below are a few worth seeing examples of branding:


Bellini’s Ristorante Italiano

Five & Dime





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B3 Multimedia Solutions is a creative studio based in Portarlington. We specialise in high quality design projects where the professional presentation of business or organisation is paramount.  We help to  build businesses from scratch with a delicate blend of cohesive branding, creative  design solutions  in both online and offline marketing channels.
Our primarily focus is on the small and medium businesses. This is the segment that indeed needs our services to survive. Our company creates effective marketing communication to help your business present an attractive, equalized brand image.

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