Web Design is evolving as fast as any other thing on the Internet. New technologies and specially gadgets bringing a purely new kind of web design, every designer should understand for success. New trends are happening almost daily, and to keep a pace web designers and site owners must follow upcoming design trends. Here are 8 Web Design Trends for 2015 to rule those web frames on Internet.

1. Full screen media (Backgrounds, Videos)

Internet is fast now and data comes at comparatively cheap rates. People scan so much internet on the go on SmartPhones and Tablets. According to various surveys, people come online for scanning through web pages. What would be better than listening to your website ‘what it does’ instead of reading paragraph to paragraph? This is what make’s Video massive on Internet. Including short duration full screen video clips on your website will be a winning thing in 2015. This is the era of Social Media; traffic generates much from places like Reddit or Instagram than Search Engine. Your web page is much more likely to get a view when it carries full screen video in background.

If you have a website or planning to have one, include short full screen videos in pages like Home and Services etc. Do not add big size media like a 30 minute Video Clip, nobody will like to spend that much time watching..

2. Parallax effects

This feature came into existence in 2013 but is likely to rule web design trends in 2015 as well. Great for Single Page website’s and Blogs, Parallax Effect is awesome when user engagement comes into question. Easy navigation is most talked about term since the evolution age of websites and Parallax Effect makes a website awesome. With this, your audience no longer needs to flip through page after page, Parallax Scrolling is fun but definitely not infinite scrolling, BEWARE.

3. Ghost buttons

These come in many shapes; Rectangular, Square, Circle or something really Ghostly; when put on sync with background works best as a Clear Call to Action. Your website is not worth anything if a user cannot find a Clear CTA (ask for a service or subscribe to newsletter etc). Ghost buttons (no background, border only) are highly clickable in nature and will rule the websites in 2015.

4. Flat design

Beauty comes with simplicity. Designing does not mean painting your website with every possible color. You need to show your web pages are soothing to the eyes where audiences like to stare. An inviting web design cannot come without understanding of what color brain likes. Whether you can experiment with loads of color combo or few but a web page in simple colors shall always win appreciation. Flat design (Simple Colors) shall rule the Web Design Trends in 2015.

5. Bigger Text, Bigger Image

Bigger Images get easy attention and so the bigger text; an Image speaks a thousand words, but it needs to be visible, same is true for text. Create appealing images of right size in simple color combinations, and put right amount of text over them. Fonts are smarter now, experiment a lot before putting them in action. Beautiful Typography is essential part of user engagement.

6. Mobile Optimization (Evolution of Responsive Design)

Screen size is getting smaller; most of the online shopping happens over a Tablet or Smartphone. Your website needs to look neat and clean on every device. This is where word Responsive comes into play. If your website is non-responsive to look great on every device you will loss on significant market share. Responsive Web Design (Mobile Optimization) will rule the web production world in 2015. With prices going down for mobiles and tablets, now more people will own those gadgets. Reason enough, from where, your most of the audience shall come from?

7. Well Selected Typography (Web Fonts)

Beautiful fonts will rule the world in 2015. Something beautiful for your friend’s blog may be just ugly for your parenting website. Experiment a lot before selecting fonts’ face and size. Know your audience; think like an audience and judge like an audience. Your website is not for you, it’s for your audience. Proper selection of fonts will make or break your website. Well Selected Typography (Web Fonts) will rule the Web Design Trends in 2015 and beyond.

8. Micro Interactions (for Example Signup, Popups etc)

Give your audience a reason to visit next time. Flash a message to Sign Up for Weekly Newsletter; put a Comment, like a post or share on social media before someone close reading your web page. There are many people who work in same niche as you. Why should someone remember you for tomorrow if you do not ask them? Micro Instructions helps you in bringing back your audience to your website and business again.

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