This is the age of digital marketing; gadgets are cheaper, every pocket has a phone with some kind of social media. Are you a small business / a new enterprise or a medium size entity? Whatever bracket you fall under, taking your product to social media is a must. You can find potential buyers of your products on social media. Real crowds exists with tablets and Smartphones. Unlike traditional marketing, now you don’t need to know who your customers are, it’s all open on social networks.

Right Social Media Selection is important for every business, small, medium, large or start up. Here we are giving details about Top Social Media Sites for Small and Mid-Size Businesses and why should you join them?

1. Facebook

Most of your Email Contacts are on Facebook and also friends from old school days. Among all social networks, Facebook has the maximum audience. It has a number of features and is easy to navigate. Connecting to already known friends on Facebook will reap some quick benefits for your business. People, who know you are most like to talk about your business, give advice and recommend it to someone. You will get many friends of friends too. Remember, more eyeballs on your profile means more business to you.

You can write as much as you wish about your products and services on Facebook, conduct a poll or offer giveaways. Friends will make posts on your wall go viral. Poke some fun too. Keep entertaining, some may become your customer or may bring a really good one your way.

2. Twitter

This social network is highly effective when you want to meet potential buyers. As you know, it’s micro blogging site, so wonderful for sharing quick updates. You are taking a day off from work or going to meeting room / fixing a bug in your website, / learning load balancing / offering Freebies on today’s sell of eBooks. What are you doing? Tweet This! Interesting Tweets will bring unlimited Twitter Followers to your timeline.

Connect your Twitter to Facebook to reap maximum benefits.

3. LinkedIn

This is for professionals; mainly employers and employees. Join here. You will meet many potential employees. Many full time working professional also offers part time services. You may need some of those. Connections are important, so when you need someone with a new skill, call one from among your network groups. Also, you can meet many like-minded entrepreneurs here. Perhaps some may become your customers too. Create a company page on LinkedIn, share among your connections. Let people know your business first. Recommendations are obvious once you’re in.

4. Google Plus

Google love great content. Create some, share it via G+. Unique content will bring you reputation if not everywhere, then certainly on Google Plus. And when you stay amongst the top, recommendations are obvious. Also, Gmail is the latest edition on free email. Most Gmail contacts you can find on Google Plus. Check Follow box if you do not know them personally. People like great content, many will show interests in following you back, and some may become buyers too.

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