It’s that time of year again. Time to start making resolutions that you hope will stick around for long. But this time, your resolutions aren’t for you, of course, but for your Business Website. However, to build a beautiful website for your business begins with choosing a theme – a design that is responsive, search engine friendly and make your visitors stay or convert them in to customers.

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Blog_This New Year Pledge to Revamp your website, Increase your Chances to Succeed

So why is change desirable?

If your website has been around for long time, then you will probably be persuaded, at some point or other, to bring a change in how your business website looks. It may be because your taste differs then earlier. Or you may have learned that change is the need of time. Factors below will help you know that what you are actually missing and how need to work out on them:

Stop being invisible

More and more studies, these days, have been exploring and telling about the ROBO effect where customers are becoming rational of research online before buying anything offline (visiting physical stores).
Being a solution to somebody’s query or quest of shopping or alone-time is only possible when you have a nice web presence or otherwise there’s no chance of you showing up in selective searches which results in to losing a golden chance to enter in their thought process. Nowadays, you can’t afford to be invisible!

Become Super Flexible

Design is not what it just looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Here comes the role of a Responsive Web Design.
A responsive website is fluid which means the content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices. Both the grids and the images are fluid.
Just as a liquid spreads out or draws in to allow its content to fill an allotted space and retain its appearance, responsive web design’s fluidity achieves the same result with website content on a device screen.

Treat yourself a new logo

Your company’s identity is visually expressed through a logo and it would be a great resolution to treat yourself with a nice New Logo that you may have been looking at for long on your opponent’s website.
A good logo isn’t just a frill but an ideal way to catch visitors’ attention and acquire existing customers’ interest in a resolution worth the investment.

Set up Google Analytics

Having a resolution like replacing the typical website looks can resolve those tasks that have been hanging over your head for a while. One of several, the ideal use of Google Analytics is a must, but there are people who baffle around in DIYs and cant workout on this properly. If this is you, it’s the time to have this very small time-investment to set up your system properly.


You’ll Sell More

Online customers are no different than brick-and-mortar buyers. They’re just as active as physical stores buyers are and love being able to see what they buy. Showing a potential client what their website will actually look like before they setup everything will give you a HUGE advantage over competitors. After all, you want your customers visualizing their brand on your product.

Customize it

Everyone wants to save money, especially in this economy, and anything creating at fresh may charge you more than what is expected, especially the client. Themes save much time out of the equation, drops your costs as well as the pricing. Most of the company charges on discount that enables you to cut pricing by around 30-50%, resulting in more clients and more revenue.

Clients from hell

If everyone in the industry all of a sudden stop customizing website designs then designing businesses would lose about 80% of their content. Some clients can be a real pain, and yes, some of them may actually be a nightmare. A client from hell is much easier to control when you customize a website rather than developing a whole new theme. There are fewer changes, and less time spent with the client.

The Exception to this Rule

Every rule of this resolution has its exceptions, so before you start baffling around, here’s this exception. Of course, there are still a few reasons to re-design a website, but not much. Big-sized businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Bing and others are least expected to pick out new themes or templates…yet. Refurnishing website theme resolution fits best to the small-medium sized businesses and most big corporations, who happen to make most of the business via online.

This New Year Pledge to Revamp your website, Increase your Chances to Succeed1


Custom web design is on the go – for maximum businesses nowadays. In many agencies, custom web design is on top chart busters that leave two choices to make at the end. Either you fight change, or adapt and evolve. If you are still looking to re-design your website completely, you will slowly but surely find yourself paying for too many overheads as it’s not just about designing but looking up from Wire-framing to responsive designing, CSS & HTML coding, integration and other functionality segments.


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