Social Media is not a library but a park, where people come to enjoy time and relax. They scan through it instead of going through every minute detail. Why should someone stop to watch your card game in a Park when there are so many other players like you? Asking your viewers to watch your tricks is fine but to get those deafening applause play your Joker fast forward. On social media visuals are your cards, make them effective, appealing and trustworthy. Here is a how to of Visual Branding on Social Media.

Use a consistent color Palette:

The Right color selection is not the task of a few days or a few hours. Experiment! What color pattern suits your brand? Dig deeper inside internet databases, art galleries, books and artists work. Identify 3 or 4 color palettes suitable for your niche. Now throw those cards on Social Media, if you have a good number of friends there ask for reviews. This will help in deciding your color palette.

Make use of a consistent Color Palette for your Social Media Brand. Do not change until and unless you did not find something really next best creative alternate. Once you decided on a color pattern, stick with it across all social media. People will recognize your brand for the particular shades. If you understand HTML experiment with Hex Codes, many different permutations and combinations of it and chose the best one.

Select Fonts wisely:

Repeat step one again. Curate through Top Brands, see how the Font Color, Style, Size fits with their color palette on and off social media. Experiment with as many fonts as you can to decide upon what font style should go well with your Heading and Body. Experiment with the latest fonts; the nascent the better. Or go for something unusual, break the pattern, establish your visual identity on social media. Use the same font across all social media. Once you decide upon a font style stick with it.

Chose a Theme:

Are you a charity for the protection of Bears and Bees or a Web Developer who loves Joomla? Set your theme well for social media branding. The consistent use of unique images and graphics are the best bet to attract those rolling eyeballs across your social media. Decide upon a theme. You can find many free online themes for a price with enhanced features. Also you can hire professional theme developers to build one unique theme for you. Do not change the theme too often, once you decide upon a pattern stick with it.

Design Social Media Template:

Different social media have different specifications regarding dimensions and sizes of images and other media. Keep the colors and fonts the same everywhere. Decide upon a certain best fit layout and stick with it for all your social media posts. When you stick with a design, the certain pattern, way your logo, text and media appears establishes your brand identity.

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