Let’s us understand first, this often confused term in words. By definition a Landing Page for a Website is a page that loads first to say a Formal Hello to the website visitor. A landing page serves well as a Call to Action (CTA) to gather user information like Name and Email address etc. For the purpose landing page displays in the form format.

Web Developers; enable this page to appear on first visit, user always have choice to fill it or Skip as usual. Landing page matters to gain visitors interests and convert into a regular audience. Like any other page a landing page also comes in four sides, however, designers can always give it a different shape. Landing pages are widely used for building ad campaigns. Here this article is about how to design landing page form for your website and campaigns.

The Header of a Landing Page:

A landing is page is worth if it, if it can get a blink from a visitor. The images, colors, graphics and off course text should be attractive enough so that a visitor can’t dare to press the skip button, no matter how many times before he / she may have read the same message. Landing page’s comes in many formats for example landing page for advertisements or landing page for news subscription etc. Chances are a visitor coming your way through an advertisement. Header Message on your landing page should be strong enough to keep visitor glued on it.

The Landing Page Body:

If header of a landing page is a noodle, body is nutrition. A strong Clear Call To Action will change into conversions. If that’s not happening, certainly, your landing page is not that good.

Try to build a bond:

Include a personal message that shows a real human driving the website. Tell in very short, who are you and why you matter to the world. People are more likely to link with you through your website.

Show seal of Trust:

Do you provide personal information to strangers? NO! Then how can you expect the same from someone else, to provide you personal details and take the pain of typing. Include seal of trust in your landing page. Designers often ignore this fact. Win trust; include matters like certifications, policies or customers reviews below the form field. Give you audience a reason to stop by your landing page and for sure the customer is yours.

Creativity Matters:

Mix graphics, images, multimedia and text copy well; give your visitors a reason to fill in landing page forms. If you cannot do this, landing page will be sheer foolishness. In fact, a wrong message or a partially designed landing page will distract visitors. Remember, once disappointed, a customer will never want to return to you. Send a clear message through your landing page; give your customer a reason to walk through your website.

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