13 Amazing Free Avatar and Character Creator Apps

Do you want to create your own avatar or animated character? Good news: there are many avatar and character creator apps that you can use for free to make your own avatar.

The trend of avatar creation becomes very popular these days, especially on social networking sites. Fancy characters and cartoonish characters can easily catch the viewer’s attention. Here in this article, we will show you a list of free character creator apps for both Android and iOS devices.


Friendly Faces

First on the list is Friendly Faces, which is the best small character creator app. This app does not need any technical knowledge, including graphic editing and more. Also, you can create your desired avatar in a few minutes with this app.

It features a control panel from where you can choose face, hair, dresses, and decoration for your characters. There are several options in each panel. For example, you can choose the complexion, mouth, eye color, and more. You can use the character for the design of a contact page or other web pages.



Avataaars is an amazing cartoon or character creating an app. It is super easy to use for beginners who want to create their avatar with no technical knowledge. The library of this app has tons of different elements that help you make or create a unique character. Here you can choose from hairdos, faces, eyes, skin, footwear, and much more.

You will only need to adjust the character of your choice. With a simple drag and drop option, you can make an avatar by using the available elements. Further, you can add emotions to your character as well. Within five minutes, you can create an attractive avatar for yourself to use on social media. The best part is that you can download the character to PNG or SVG format.



Pixton is another free avatar maker app that allows you to create a cool-looking character. It is best for you if you are planning to start your career in comics or in funny memos. In Pixton, you can control the facial expressions of the character by adjusting eyebrows, eyes, and mouth.

It is very easy to use and has a variety of comic strip layouts, numerous character, and background choices. With this great learner-centered app you can construct your own character to represent your ideas in a better way. Besides creating an avatar, it allows you to draw the avatar of your dream.


Joe Schmoe

When you are looking for an API-based avatar creator app, then Joe Schmoe is a great option for you. With just a couple of lines of coding, you can create an amazing character for your project or social media. The library has several illustrated characters of various gender, age, and profession. There are almost 30 personas so that you can find the best match for your character.

It is a great avatar browser for web developers and you can tap into Joe Schmoe to add fun and avatar to the projects. Unlike most character generators, this app is beneficial to use on production sites. For example, you can use the API to assign consistent and temporary avatars for new users.



With the help of the free avatar creator DoppelMe, you can make the best-looking graphical character in no time. The interface of this app is very easy and simple to use for beginners who want to create personalized avatars. There are various customization features that you can use to create the character.
The best thing is that you can use the created character on your social media networking, business website, and logo. Your created avatar looks perfect in anything which you use on the internet.


Stubborn Generator

Stubborn is also one of the fantastic character creator apps that you can use to create an attractive avatar. With this tool, you can assemble a character from head to toe in less than ten minutes. It means you can edit the avatar inch by inch according to your desired look by picking up body parts one by one. Each category offers a ton of options.

Also, in Stubborn, you will get various types of environments so that you can build the best scenes to support your message.



Much like Joe Schmoe, Pictogrify is an API-based generator that requires coding skills. It is a viable tool if you are a developer since an API is fully customizable, and you can use your own pictures. Besides, if you are looking for a certain type of avatar, all you need to do is enter any related text into the generator, and the application will generate a fancy character for you.


Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is a unique and cool avatar creator application that you can use for free to generate your character. This tool allows you to create manga face characters or avatar faces into manga forms. In this, you will get more than 14 million avatars to choose from.

It is a very popular application among avatar lovers. The best thing about this is that you can use it with ease without any need for coding skills. Further, you can customize your cartoon character by using different dresses, looks, and accessories.



Humaans is another amazing avatar creator app made by the same talented artist as Avataaars. If you want to create a mix and match illustrations and want to build a unique character, then Humaans is for you. Also, it helps create a human-centric scene, which makes it best for every avatar lover.
This is a great tool that features Pablo Stanley’s outstanding artworks, and you can use its unique style for your character. There are various styles, expressions, clothing, and more that you can choose to create your avatar.


My Octocat

If you want to create an avatar of Github or many other characters, then My Octocat is a great application for you. This app is best for the tech-savvy people who love coding to create a character. Also, it allows you to share your open-source projects with the public or on social media. My Octocat is like a big store where you can find different types of cat body, eyes, tops, shoes, bottoms, and much more.
You can generate your own octacat from head to tail according to your desire. It is a really fun and interesting character creator app.


Diversity Avatars

Atomic Lotus created the Diversity Avatars app for avatar creators. The team shares about thirty amazing avatars with you for free. You can use any of the avatars to create your own character in no time. Further, you will get inherent diversity as well as global ethnicity with avatars. Moreover, you can find the characters from real life and can customize them according to your desire.
Each item in this application comes in nine popular formats, including AI, Icon jar, and more. You can use all items to create avatar icons and can reuse them for the new character as well. Further, it allows you to use your imagination to create endless characters in less time.



Unlike all the other avatars creating apps, Bottts is a place to find robots rather than living beings. This is an amazing masterpiece created by Pablo Stanley. It offers you great liberty for Sketch and character design. Also, you can experiment with antennas, frames, and sensors to make your robot online.
There are various face options that you can use to create your unique and stylish robot avatar. The best part about this application is that it doesn’t require any technical skills. A beginner can easily use it to create a robot in no time.


Avatar Factory

Want to have your avatar portrait, then this app is for you. The Avatar Factory allows you to create a beautiful avatar with ease. You do not need pro skills to have your manga characters.

With this app, you can create your manga character even if you don’t have enough drawing skills. Customize your character with accessories. Avatar factory is one of the best apps on the list.

Finding and using the best avatar creator app for free helps you build an amazing character of your choice. So, take time and choose the best avatar creator application to share your character online or on social media. If you know of any other free character creator applications, please let us know in the comments below.

Navkiran Dhaliwal

Navkiran Dhaliwal

Navkiran is an experienced technical writer with 10+ years of industry experience. Her writing skills and technical knowledge may be confirmed by reputed clients all over the world.

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