American Vintage Signs tells us a lot about the creativity of ancient humans with colors and metals, despite the lack technology. These signs engraved in tin, porcelain, enamel and cardboard from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s are a perfect fit for every occasion and purpose. Being web design professionals, we are always in search of solid designs that ignite our minds. We strive hard to mix and match colors well for every need. Visuals are important to catch the attention and to make a permanent impression on the viewer’s mind. We understand how much design matters to get new customers and keep them. This is why we draw inspiration from great visuals, mounted anywhere, on the highways, subways or internet. Here are some of the great inspirations made upon us.

Weir’s Beach

Vintage Sign 1

Welcome Cowboy



Anchor Motel, Dallas

Vintage Sign 03

Buffalo Bill’s Casino

Hawkins Agency


Keno Motel


James Family Restaurant, California

Sign 07

Bel Air

Sign 08

Daylight Donuts

Sign 09

Doll Hut Bar

Sign 10

Steeles Motel

Sign 11

Super Sonic Car Wash, Montana

Sign 12

The Blue Room

Sign 13

El Ray

Sign 14

The 8 Ball

Sign 15

Dallas Cleaners

Sign 16

Martha’s Motel

Sign 17

Shell Beach Inn

Sign 18

Lawless Center, Nevada

Sign 19

Indianhead Motel

Sign 20

Lu Fran Motel

Sign 21

Ideal Motel

Sign 22

Bowl Sign

Sign 23

Car Wash, Seattle

Sign 24

Bowl Googie Sign

Sign 25

Jade Palace Motel

Sign 26

Roaring 20’s

Sign 27

Wolfy’s, Chicago

Sign 28

Fresno Motel

Sign 29

Star Motel

Sign 30

Crown Car Wash, Los Angeles

Sign 31

Star Dust Lodge, Nevada

Sign 32

Sandman Motel

Sign 34

Roy’s Motel

Sign 34

Robert’s Motors

Sign 35

Melody Ranch Motel

Sign 36

Holiday Lodge, California

Sign 37

Zingo’s Cafe, California

Sign 38

Pink Motel

Sign 39

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