1. Include Awesome Copy

Say more with less. Do not put lengthy paragraphs on the very top of the home page. Write awesome copy for your website that gives visitors a clear reason to stay on it and browse through the different sections. Remember, most of the times audiences land on your website via a search engine. If they don’t get a clear message within the first 5 / 10 seconds the search engine is always there to look for more sites like yours.

2. Clear Call to Action (CTA) is the rule

Not everyone will be interested in reading across your website sections. Indeed many will like to have a conversation via email on the phone or in person. People like to hear from you before buying a product or seeking a service. Include Clear Call To Action (CTA); be easily accessible. Some of the typical CTAs are “Request a Quote,” “Buy now,” and “Work with Us.

3. Navigation Matters: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)!

Give your audiences enough reasons to gel with your website. Keeping someone glued to the screen is the task of Great Designers. Mix well; colors, images, graphics. People spend significant time on easy to browse websites. Remember, they are not here to get stuck in a mystery.

4. Give it an identity

Virgin sites are known for red colors. The color of your website Logo and Theme matters in Brand Building. Define your color schemes and graphics and make them suitable for your niche. Selection of Right Color is important to make your brand identifiable. Make sure it won’t be known for wrong reasons. Choose your theme very-very carefully. It’s redundant to choose a magazine style theme when your website is not about a magazine at all. Optimize text for every eye. Unlike books, a websites are read on a screen reader, keep font size approximately 12/14 pt. Choose a font and font color soothing to eyes. You can use complementary text color to present easy to read content.

5. Practice Best SEO

Optimize your website for quick load. Keep web pages as light as possible. You can try and test run your website with as many file type as possible to see load time response. Optimize Image File Size and ‘Alt Tags’ for best SEO results.

6. Keep visible various Social Media Icons

Everyone does not come on your website seeking emergency response. If your website is likeable, many keep it in bookmark and refer. Tagging a webpage in a social media is very common. Keep those icons visible. Many people also bookmark web pages to return in future, given you are effective.

7. Do away with long page forms

Keep this scenario as simple as possible. Nobody likes to kill time writing too many details. Do not make phone no as a mandatory form field. Many first time visitors won’t like giving away phone number to a stranger.

8. Optimize it for every gadget:

Mobile, Tablets and Netbooks are replacing the odd looking computer monitors. People access the internet more and more on the go. Optimize your website to load accurately for every screen size.

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