Every business needs a responsive website these days. In truth, an online presence is the best way to raise awareness and build your customer base. If your site was designed a few years ago, it might be time for some renovation. With that in mind, this article will highlight some of the main reasons why you should get your website redesigned today.

1. To Incorporate Social Media

The popularity of social networks is growing by the day, which is why you need to ensure your business website links to all the most credible ones out there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others deserve your attention.

2. To add an eCommerce Store

When you had your last site designed, you might have only been promoting products. With this new site, you might as well create an online store so you can sell to people all over the world. That is a simple task that all designers worth their salt can handle.

3. To make it mobile friendly

Almost half of all internet traffic now comes from people using mobile devices, so it’s vital your new site is responsive. Cutting your market down by 50% is never going to be a good idea at a time when more and more people are spending online.

4. To improve usability

While your previous website may have looked the part, you will have probably noticed certain improvements that could be made to make navigation simpler. Take note of these and let your designer know your thoughts.

5. To incorporate rebranding

If you’ve decided to pay for a new logo and other branding elements for your business, launching a fresh website that incorporates all this can help to build awareness. Also, it will familiarise people with your company.

6. To update an old and worn out design

Websites tend to look good for about two years. After that, the trends they followed will be too outdated. Getting a new site design will make your business seem savvy and on the pulse.

7. To shift your business focus

Let’s presume you were selling one original product in the past, and your old site worked well for that. Now you’ve decided to launch something new, a new web design could help you to achieve your sales goals.

8. To update your content management system or website technology

If your site was designed a few years ago, it probably doesn’t incorporate certain features now considered to be essential. For instance, all credible businesses with a professional website should have a live chat option for potential customers.

You should now understand a little more about why it’s so important to keep your site up to date with new technologies and design trends. Not only will it let people know you’re on the ball, but it will also keep them interested and help you to reach new markets. At the end of the day, everyone wants to make the largest profits possible, right?

Good luck with everything.

We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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