Facebook is dominating social media today. If you are not on Facebook, you are surely missing some good business opportunities. Being on Facebook is one thing, but being successful on Facebook comes with some serious effort. The sign of a successful profile on Facebook is how many Fans it has. More Fans means more eyeballs on your profile and a greater chances of grabbing some business too. Signing Up for Facebook is completely free. Here is a list of 5 steps you can follow to build up your Facebook Fan Base.

1. Join related communities, like pages that interest you

Make optimum use of Facebook search. What you do? Filter keywords associated with your business using Google Search and Google Analytics. Now put those keywords in the Facebook search box. Some suggestions will appear. Like the pages that are relevant to your business. Join communities that are meaningful to you and your business and always Obey community rules.

DO NOT PROMOTE DIRECTLY. Nobody likes a hawker with meaningless news. Speak in communities, put comments below discussion threads. People will start recognizing the valuable YOU!

2. Use the power of free blogging

If you blog already, good. If not you can start now. There are places like WordPress and Blogger for beginners. Pick a story, write and post it to your blog. Do not write unnecessary posts! Make your posts interesting. Nobody wants to see how your Cat yawns.

Now go to Facebook, write some interesting punch lines related to your latest blogpost and share the blogpost link. Make regular blog posts. The more Interesting you are will mean more people will get addicted to your posts. Your Facebook Fan Base will grow significantly.

3. Share Generously

When you come across an interesting post on Facebook, speak about it. Instead of saying; great post, wonderful, etc. you should write a sentence or two as a comment. Be positive. Share the story on your wall. People will recognize your efforts. Many will share your post links on their wall out of respect (or share for share), an ultimate way to gain popularity.

4. Be Regular, Post Often

Talk politics, food, business. Be humorous. You are on social media. A significant number of people come to Facebook for entertainment too. Search for your favourite artists on YouTube. Share a link or two of things you like. An entertaining you will get more fans than expected. Many will press like on your Facebook Fan Page. Use a post scheduler like Hootsuite. This will allow you to post on Facebook at a time when there is maximum traffic.

5. Create polls and surveys around Hot Hashtags

Ask general questions. Share knowledge. Give other people a chance to show the world what they know. An opportunity to show knowledge on your wall will bring more Fans.

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