Do you speak about your business on Social Media? If not, you are missing out on a significant market share. Everyone is out there on some form of social media. Different Social Platforms serve different types of people and businesses but are open to all. An old saying comes into my mind at this point of time, Well Begun Is Half Done! Before you start building your brand on social media, consider these Five Points:

Best Social Media:

Social Media are many; consider which one will serve you better. Pinterest is good for designers; twitter talks best for entrepreneurs, LinkedIn may bring you quality office workers. Find a primary social media that works for you. Are you a business consulting firm? Go to Make it your primary social media. Join other social platforms too and share. When you are taking your business to social media, you have to speak everywhere. Make one primary, others secondary.

Selection of social media largely depends on your brand value. When Sir Richard Branson speaks over Twitter, he doesn’t need to say, PLEASE RETWEET. Virgin Businesses are very solid.

Unique User Name / Social Media URL:

You mean business from social media. Give it your best shot. If your website URL says it all, keep the same at social media too. Otherwise decide upon some name that indicates towards your business or brand. Your website URL may be or People scan across social media, only few go deep inside. Find a name that works best with your business and is easy to remember. Your social name should hover between 3 to 10 characters. If your social name come out a mix of 2/3 words, put a dash sign ‘-’ between words. Keep it universal across all social platforms.

Top Keywords for Your Business on Social Media:

Do you help corporations with brand recognition or do you build the best WooCommerce shopping sites. Depending upon the type of business you do, make an inventory of top keywords. Next go to social media and search around those keywords. Find people and businesses preferably experts those that speak around your keywords. Pick the best Hashtags, both primary and secondary.

Plan Social Media Content:

How high your Puppy can leap, nobody will remember after passing through such a post on Facebook or YouTube. Build social media content strategy to speak across social networks. Merely sharing blog post URL across social media won’t work, indeed this will bring distraction among your audience. Write mini posts, make images, slides, presentations, and include some fun too. If you are not good with words and sketches hire some experts to do it for you.

Do not make all social posts only about your business. Remember, people come to social media for leisure too. Give them a reason to keep you in favorite and share posts on their timeline. The Likes of Kim Garst or Rajor Social gets unlimited Comments, Likes, Shares and Luv without asking for it. They are engaging. People look forward to their posts. Be Unique Speaker.

Social Media Budget:

Perhaps social media being free is biggest culprit for consumption of highest internet bandwidth. Nothing happens for free in the real world and so not happens brand building through social media. For better business you need to spend little on social media campaigns too. Plan your budget for advertising and seek help of established professionals who really can make it bigger.

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