Unforgettable visuals build an unforgettable brand of your company. The effects that visuals leave in a potential customer are somewhat permanent. Social Media is like a business card. Are you a business card designer? Your customer will never return to you again if he/she is not getting returning customer or business calls after passing out those cards. A phone number or business address can always be scribed on a piece of paper; business cards are distributed to remind people about your business and get back in touch when they need to. However, rare business card designs fall in this category.

The same is true with Social Media Marketing. Everyone wants to build a social media campaign and do great business as it appears easy. But few businesses register real success through social media marketing. Make your social media visuals impeccable. Here are 4 Visual Tips for Rocking Social Media Marketing:

Define a color palate and stick to it

Research what types of color patterns will suit your business theme best. Set a unique color pattern for the logo, template, timeline post and any other stuff that could be said and done in color. Stick to a certain set of colors; do not make changes in the themes too often. Set your identity. Give people recognition of your brand.  Sticking to a solid theme and color pattern is a branding necessity, if not so, perhaps, Facebook may have changed its color patterns. The dark blue pattern of Facebook Home Page is a mistake. Mark Zuckerberg has color blindness, a very rare disease, but he kept with the color, the way he printed it long back. The famous networking site is well known for its dark blue home page.

Define Fonts Style of Your Brand

How do they write Volkswagen or Rolls Royce? Yes, the automobile industry is great example to draw inspirations from when writing style comes into question. The IT sector is not any less though. See how Read Write Web describes logos or Entrepreneur.com puts font in a post body. Depending on how much is too much for your business, set font style for your brand; chose carefully and stick to it. Do not let your customer struggle in finding you. All famous big brands like McDonalds or McDowell has a chosen set of fonts they kept from the very beginning.

Use Right Photo Filters

Imagery is great to send messages through nerves. What message are you are trying to convey to your audience? Do you serve health in packed food items or do you design wedding gowns? Whatever you do, it should reflect in your photos with the right color combination and font style. Look at any big successful brand, they have consistency in their photos throughout.

Design Unique Template

Plan for everything that you need to do in order to build brand awareness. Create unique template for every purpose announcement, news, press releases, thanks giving or promotions. People will recognize you for the template designs that you put in place every time for sending a message and building campaigns.

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