There are many Content Management Systems, both Free and Proprietary. Amongst all WordPress is notorious for powering the world’s most beautiful websites. Here are 10 reasons why WordPress is so popular!

It’s Free

The WordPress Software is written in a PHP free script and licensed from GNU. People are not required to spend even a single penny to acquire WordPress software. Also, it’s easy to use. Building a website is a job of software engineers, but WordPress allows everyone to develop and deploy websites without a single ounce of knowledge in computer languages. People want to speak and let the world know their thoughts and opinions. WordPress allows for free speech.

It’s Open to Edit

Computer professionals like to play with codes. The success of any Software largely depends on how many tests it passes. Code writers from across the world are free to create test cases and contribute to the WordPress code library. At the same time they have strict review policies in place. Only some suggestions are incorporated those that may bring the right abilities and contribute towards making WordPress stronger. This policy makes WordPress safe to use on any computer and for any website.

Its Feature Rich

Different people have different requirements. Also, everyone wishes to publish a website with a unique identity. There are several thousand apps available within the WordPress Plugin library to give your website and blog a special taste. Also, you can develop your own plugin for self-use.

Free Themes

The WordPress theme library has plenty of Free Themes to use. Everyone can find and use a suitable free theme or deploy a personalized theme. This allows for beginners to start with a Free Theme without incurring any expenses. Also, you can swap between themes seamlessly. Changing a theme does not affect the websites data in anyway. When you swap a theme and feel like ‘no’ the previous one was better, you can change it back.

No language limitations

Everyone has some thoughts to share with the world and everyone works for living or wants to share a passion. Language becomes a barrier in many cases. WordPress is available in many of the Worlds languages. English is not compulsory to use WordPress. Also, you can publish a multilingual blog or website with WordPress.

Easy to publish in group

Blogging is a wonderful way to connect together and share your thoughts and emotions. Collaboration is fast and easy with WordPress. Your friend is living 10 blocks away. What is he reading? Invite him to share on your WordPress blog as an author without giving away your own author ID and password. This comes as a blessings for those organizations who publish multi author blogs.

Easy to comment

People want to say ‘thank you’ for a post. Commenting is easy with WordPress more than writing a text message on a mobile. This ease of use attracts your readers’ attention; a whole lot of these are tomorrow’s writers. Obviously they will be more likely to choose WordPress.

Work’s with every device

Whether you have a Windows PC or Linux or MacBook; WordPress is available for every operating system. You can blog even with a Tablet or Smartphone while on the go.

Host Anywhere

Websites need a hosting platform. Almost every web host on the planet offers WordPress website hosting. Also, many offer one click WordPress Install. This allows for easy deployment of your website and blog without any knowledge of code.

WordPress allows for blogging with only username

Those who don’t want to take the pain of downloading and uploading the WordPress application can write blogposts and publish them for free. Such people only require a computer and an internet connection. Free blog hosting is available at Just chose your username and enjoy unlimited blogging. Your blog domain will appear as

It’s easy to upgrade

A person writing a free blog today may wish to personalize it. Such people only require purchasing a domain name for a yearly price and setting a custom domain. For now, WordPress charge very little money for upgrading to a custom domain. That Same domain can be taken to the next level and hosted on WordPress VIP or can be completely taken out of word press and hosted anywhere else. You will retain all the posts from the beginning while changing at various levels.

WordPress Professionals Found Everywhere

Your website needs expert hands to get a personalized looks. A website is built of many things together with code running in the background. At times you may require help from someone. Hiring a WordPress professional is easy. You can always find one near you or hire from anywhere on the planet a professional who fits on your budget size.

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