Great creations are productions of smart minds. In the ear of Internet, websites are the next great things to happen. Whether you are an individual, business or community, having a website is must. When you are active on the World Wide Web more people find you. Be it boom or bust, a website is a best friend to have, it’s up and running all the time. Building a great website needs loads of efforts. To help you in making your web presence stronger we are sharing here 10 great website building tips.

Define your website purpose

Irrespective of whether a website will be of personal nature or community, put that core purpose in front of your audience. What do you want your website to do? Define well. A website is a robot which behaves the way you instruct it to. Friends like to meet you more often when you treat them well. How do you want your website to treat visitors so they will revisit it again and fix an appointment with you or buy a product? Infuse that very sense of responsibility in your website.

Be likable

Who want to meet someone who leaves a sour taste? People use the Internet when they really need it. Eye-catching design, easy to use navigation, beautiful images and a clear call to action are something your audience will appreciate. If your website is not likable no one will care enough to spend time to look at it. True appreciation come from the eyes. The layout, graphics, colour patterns and great content will bring appreciation. Put these in place. Don’t forget to optimize your website for popular devices if not for all.

Limit Flash Images

How much is too much? Depends on how big your website is and its purpose. For a personal basic website do not add more than 3, one, maybe your Photograph; two, a little about you (for example I am graphic designer who lives in Paris) and three, your quick contact. Too many flash images often go unseen, will make your website slow when loading and distracts the audience. Flash means say it in a flash of a moment, that’s it. No more or less.

Make Navigation Easy

Whatever direction you chose to take your website visitor in, show them clear navigation, keep it simple. People will spend more time on easily navigable websites. Remember, they are not here to climb Mount Everest and if they are, give them the right amount of oxygen (clear navigation) so they don’t easily get tired of climbing (going deeper and deeper to your website).

Hire A Professional Web Developer

The Internet is full of free and proprietary software to build websites. Even professional web developers use those tools more often perhaps you can also. But a professional web developer will truly understand your requirements and mould those tools to behave in that particular way. A great example to this is AskLeo.Com a website that is developed in WordPress but stands uniquely separate from other websites and blogs using the same platform.

Chose from reliable Domain and Web Hosting Services

Nothing is perfect up to 100% in real world circumstances. But choices that we opt for out of a selection of things make a big difference. Before selecting a Domain Host and Web Host do some proper research, find reviews, in fact bad reviews. Know how many customers are unsatisfied from a service and the reasons behind their dissatisfaction. Go for a really good service provider who understands the true meaning of web presence. Virtually every service is good; check for which one will be able to fulfil your custom requirements.

Be accessible in person

Mention on your contact page every way to find you. Build trust! Someone staring at your website for the last 10 minutes may make his / her mind to speak to you, ask for a service or about a product. Finding only an email on the contact page will come as sheer disappointment. Include everything possible, like Phone No., Fax or Walk Up address. Don’t forget to mention your time zone and preferable time of the day for contact. Be available in those hours.

Share Knowledge

Publish a blog, update it often. A blog is a great way to reach people. Ask your audience to subscribe to your blog posts. This will prove great in reminding people more often about your website and business.

Accept Comments

People want to speak and say thank you. Also some may want to ask you a question or two. Accept comments on your website’s blog. To keep it free from spammers approve every comment in person. Give your audience a great browsing experience. Happy people are more likely to speak about you and your business.

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