Nothing happens without some rule so why not social media? While going social you have to follow some rules. Here are 10 rules of Blazing Social Media success:

Add a Clear Picture of yourself or a logo of your business:

Our brain remembers colors much easier than text. Paintings on your wall should be clear, so people recognize your posts.

Be Available:

Accessibility develops trust. It’s simple. Mention in full detail on your social contact page, how people can reach you. If you mention a Phone No., include international dialing code and time zone too. Develop trust and make it stronger. People will bring more customers to you.

Talk Less, Listen More:

Don’t be a talk machine. Social Media is for humans. You don’t need to speak about everything. Be a Good Listener. Check across timelines of your friends, followers and fans, what are they talking about. Lend your opinion only on those conversations, where you have a depth. Learn the unknowns, master the trade. Be an effective speaker.

Focus on your goals:

What are your social media goals? Customize your social media around you and your business. Set goals that make sense. Check successful people and business in your niche, see what they are doing. Learn from them. Do not copy, instead devise your own strategies. You can follow some pages and join some groups where a crowd exists for you.

Hunt for A Quality Crowd:

Social Media success is not defined by the number of followers and/or people liking your posts. However, a true measure of success is how much of a percentage of your followers are truly interested in you. True Likes and Followers not only press like, but they also comment on your social posts and share on their timeline. True friends always bring more friends.

Have More Patience:

Don’t dream of selling your startup to Bill Gates on Twitter. Add value to your company first. Remember, there was no social media when Microsoft acquired Social Media is a way to connect, not a portal to success. If you are valuable, people will like to drop by your profile and say a Hello!

Turn your followers into Friends:

No not by grouping them into your Friend Circle. That button is always optional. Know your followers, their problems, interests and pastimes. Are you a cyber-security business? Offer advice, organize a conversation. Don’t sell directly. Show the crowd, why you are interesting. People will buy your products and skills if you are truly interested.

Publish Quality Content:

Everyone knows we need oxygen to live, educate the crowd on how to inhale more. Publish quality content that may appeal to those scanning eyeballs. Why was Author J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter a best seller? There are so many doing similar work. Give your audience a reason to stop by your posts. If your posts are not benefiting to people, they will ignore you. This is a bitter fact but absolute reality.

Speak Around:

Do not be selfish. Instead of always talking about your business, find time to speak for causes, wellness and some politics too. Socialize well; it will bring you recognition.

Acknowledge the Crowd:

Are you organizing a Fun Friday? Say welcome to everyone, and at the end of the day don’t forget to say Thank You or send a Thank you note. Small gestures count. You are a superb human being. Bring your positive qualities with you to display on Social Media too.

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