NoMad Ventures

Madrid, Spain

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Not Really NoMad, is indeed a truly valuable business in the domain of real estate and private equity for real estate, have promised to make differences in people’s lives. At present the company serves mainly for hospitality and residential, medium and large size projects. The business mainly caters to high end customers across USA.

Very recently, when an email popped up in our company’s mail box flashing NoMad, we knew there is something big in the store for us. Who doesn’t want to do business with the likes of NoMad Ventures? It’s one very solid opportunity that has come our way to prove why we are the best Logo Designers on the Internet.

Our Conversation with Mr. Alfredo Munoz was a fantastic experience. The simplicity with which Mr. Alfredo explained to us every requirement both general and specific, means we now know the successful mantra behind Abiboo. He is the Director of Abiboo and NoMad is an Abiboo project set to leap forward under his expert guidance.

To meet the special requirements of NoMad Ventures Logo Design we gave it a Swedish taste. As we were asked by Mr. Alfredo for ‘a very solid concept’ and in our know-how, Swedish businesses are known to be very solid.

The kind of response and cooperation that we received from the NoMad Ventures owner and support staff is truly awesome. Any individual or company will be proud to work with such a valuable customer like Nomad Ventures.

Thank you NoMad Ventures. Looking forward to working with you again!

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