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A company logo is something that people always remember, even if they forgot the name. Munella Avvocati, a prominent Italian Solicitors Company rang us to ask if we can make something unique for their company logo.

At first it was looking to be a difficult project to work on. The company explained everything to us over the phone and through emails. They are very keen clients. Whilst Speaking to Munella Avvocati we developed an understanding of the legal system.

Unlike a web designing logo or print design for a tour and travel brochure, in this project we were required to put something very-very strong and powerful together that people would believe in 100%. Truth and Lies are two oppositely spinning wheels of any legal system. The guys told us, truth loves power and needs it but lies want it.

After giving the project much thought we decided on the power of two fighting Lions, did a demo and showed them. After a short discussion and a little adjustment, with the way the Logo turned out we are sure to have many referrals from Munella Avvocati.

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