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Angola Investment Links was born to ensure that investors were aware of the potential of this fantastic country. Angola is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. With this, there was a need to market the opportunities to foreign investors.

Their Story

Angola is one of the biggest economies in Africa as a whole. But, it also has masses of potential within the oil industry. Angola Investment Links, therefore, was created to ensure that economic development within the region was pushed forward in the right way. Development and investment are imperative for the stability of any country. Angola presents a raft of investment opportunities. Angola Investment Links needed a platform to showcase this.

Angola, as a country, is one of the most diverse and vibrant in Africa. With a melting pot of different incentives, it was time to put Angola back on the map. Investors needed to be aware of the masses of potential that Angola has to offer. With our help and efficient branding, that was soon to be the case.

Angola Investment Links was devised to ensure that investors could see the opportunities that are present in Angola. As such, this could guarantee that corporations, stakeholders and foreign investors had a company that it could depend on. This dependency is needed to bridge the gap between the local and global communities of Angola.

The Challenge

In the face of it all, Angola wanted to build a brand. That brand was created with one goal in mind: to ensure foreign investors invested in Angola. For us, the branding process was imperative. Creating a logo and brand that struck in the hearts of those that were going to invest was important. So, we took on the challenge on board and created a logo that ultimately defined Angola and their investment processes. The icon of the diamond was used to ensure that investors automatically knew what they were investing in. The Angola sculpture is something that is used commonly in Angola as a symbol of cultural significance and importance. The need for yellow and red was used as the Angola flag adorns those very same colours. The branding process was not a challenge at all. In fact, by using these culturally significant colours, images and symbols we were able to create a brand that was recognisable and emblematic.

Developing Angola Investment Links: Our Story

Of course, creating a strong brand is important. The process that we undertook was to ensure that Angola Investment Links had all of the tools and strategies in place. This was done to create a fantastic brand that resonated with their business need. Social media played a significant part in launching the brand. But, logo creation and brand building methods were at the crux of ensuring that Angola Investment Links were seen and heard. After all, investors needed to know that they could resonate with Angola. Branding was not a challenge. We understand the need for good marketing. With this, we created the website and the social media hubs. We introduced a broad range of offline materials too. Business cards, of course, are an essential part of business development.

Project Details

Logo Design
Website Development
Social Media Covers
Business Cards


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