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Getting started

In order to install this child theme, you must first purchase a membership to Elegant Themes and download the Divi theme package.

This version of Marvel is fully compatible with versions 3.0.101+. Some features or elements may not be compatible with previous versions. Please ensure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of Divi.











Installing child theme

Step 1: Install Divi Theme

Once you’ve downloaded the Divi theme package, login to your WordPress website and go to Appearance > Themes.
Find and upload the Divi parent theme and activate it. Next click on the Add New Theme.


Step 2: Install and activate Marvel

Click on Upload Theme.



Click on Choose file.

In the downloaded package find and select file, then click on the Install Now button. 



Completing the upload, you will need to activate the theme by clicking on the Activate button.


Step 3: Activate your product

To activate your product and get updates please go to Settings > Marvel Activation and enter your API Key and API Email.

To see your API Keys please login to your account.


Step 4: Installing plugins

Marvel theme requires 2 plugins:

Caldera Forms and One Click Demo Import.
We have made installation process very simple. After Marvel child theme is activated system will ask you to install all missed plugins. Click Begin installing plugins.


On the next screen select all plugins, choose Install from dropdown menu and click Apply.


You should see this screen.

Step 5: Permalinks setup

To make the Contact Form Popups working, Permalinks Settings have to be setup to “Post name”.

Go to Settings > Permalinks, select “Post name” and click Save Changes.


Step 6: Disable Visual Text Editor

Marvel uses custom icons which are applied via span classes. This is unfortunately not supported by WordPress and when we have Visual Text Editor enabled this causes issues, icons disappear.

To disable Visual Text Editor please go to Users and click your user account.

Find Visual Editor option located at the very top and mark box Disable the visual editor when writing.

This will prevent icons disappearing.

*You can skip this step but keep in mind to do not switch to Visual Editor mode when editing modules where custom icons used.


Importing demo content

Step 1: Now you will need to install the library and all theme settings which allows you to have your site just like the demo version.

Go to Appearance > Import Data Demo, and click on the Import Demo Data button.

Note: This may take even several minutes, depends of internet connection speed. Please be patient.



Step 2: The theme has 2 pre-built forms. They need to be imported from download package. Go to the Caldera Forms tab located in your WordPress Dashboard and click Import button. Select “contact-form-export.json” file located in Import Files folder and click Import button.


Marvel options

1 General

Fixed Header On Mobiles – Enabled/Disabled
Fixed Header Logo – Upload
Switch to Mobile Menu – Input (set 1250px by default)

Mobile Nav Background Color – select color
Mobile Nav Text Color – select color

Read More Button Text – specifies text displayed on blog module button.

Custom animations in Safari browser – option to disable animations for Safari if expiriencing issues.

Social Icons – add more social networks to your Divi website

2 Particleground

Marvel theme has integrated particles.js library. It allows to add particles background to section, row or module.

To add particles background add marvel-particles-js id to section, row or module.



Dot Color – define dot color
Line Color – define line color
Line Width – define line size (width in px)
Bulb Size – define dot size
Speed – define animation speed
Interactivity – Enabled/Disabled

3 Menu Button

Marvel comes with Custom Menu Button options that enables us to trigger popup form after button it is clicked. This options supports 3 form plugins: Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7. By default Caldera Forms custom popup is used (marvel-contact-popup-export.json).

We can also control menu button appearance displayed on Default Header, Fixed Header and separately for mobile devices.

4 Preloader



Preloader – Enabled/Disabled
Preloader Size – define preloader size: width and height
Preloader Images – select preloader image
Preloader Image Uploader – you can upload your own preloader/gif image
Preloader background color – define background color for preloader
Preloader Effects – define effect FadeOut/SlideUp
Preloader Delay time – define preloader delay time
Body Delay time – define body delay time
Preloader Body opacity – define background opacity
Preloader Fadeout speed – define speed of preloader fadeout effect

5 Theme Color

This option allows you to change main theme color globally. Please be advised that Particleground and Menu Button colors will have to be set up separately.


Expanding Bar Module

Marvel comes with custom module called Expanding Bar. It can be used to build a powerful CTA sections. This module expands during scrolling and gets users attention quickly. It features lots of options that makes it fully customizable and creates unlimited possibilities.



Ghost Header

Ghost Header is another custom option. It allows to customize 2nd header and display it on specific pages.

Divi/Theme Customizer/Ghost Header


Editing Footer Email Optin

Footer Email Sign Up form is Divi Library item applied gloablly.

To edit Email Option module go to Divi/Divi Library and open Footer Email Sign Up layout.



Do not remove this library item. You can use it to build your own custom footer that will be displayed globally. If you decide that you do not want to display anything here then you can simply disable this section on all devices.

To do that go to Divi/Divi Library and open Footer Email Sign Up, open section settings, go to Advanced tab and mar all checkboxes in Visibility section:


Custom Icons

Marvel has built-in custom B3 Line Style Icons.




Elegant Themes

For additional assistance with using the Divi theme framework, Elegant Themes offers free technical support to all their members. Login to your account at Elegant Themes website.


Divi Communities

You can also find support on Facebook or Google+ by posting your questions in the community group:

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share.

Google+ Divi Community

B3 Multimedia Solutions

For questions or support please visit your account and submit support ticket:

My Account

Change Log:

2018 September 4th – Version 1.2.1

  • Marvel Blog module fixed
  • gap below fullwidth blog module removed
  • import xml file updated
  • WordPress 4.9.8 and Divi 3.13.1 compatible

2018 June 14th – Version 1.2

  • email optin issue fixed
  • import xml file updated
  • WordPress 4.9.6 and Divi 3.6 compatible

2018 May 8th – Version 1.1

  • responsive issues fixed
  • post meta data issue fixed
  • submenu appearance improved
  • post title overlay issue fixed
  • shop cart coupon css issue fixed
  • My Account page styling added
  • Gravity Forms popup mobile issue fixed
  • import files updated
  • WordPress 4.9.6 and Divi 3.2 compatible

2018 February 25th – Version 1.0

Release date

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