Divi Icons Documentation

Getting started

In order to install this plugin, you must first purchase a membership to Elegant Themes and download the Divi or Divi Builder plugin.


Download package includes:

  1. divi-icons-pro.zip – installable plugin file
  2. Read_Me.pdf – links to support and documentation








Step 1: Add new plugin

Go to Plugins/Add New and click Upload Plugin


Select divi-icons-pro.zip from your computer

Click “Install Now”



Completing the upload, you will need to activate the plugin by clicking on the Activate button.


Step 2: Activate your product

To activate your product and get updates please go to Settings  Divi Icons PRO Activation and enter your API Key and API Email.

To see your API Keys please login to your account.


Divi Icons Pro Activation

Plugin Features

Icon Font Families

Divi Icons PRO adds 3 icon font families to your Divi website, over 2400 custom icons in total:

– 1200 Font Awesome Icons
– 900 Google Material Design icons
– 360 Custom Line Style Icons designed by us!



Plugin Options

Divi Icons PRO has custom settings which can be accessed in Divi/Theme Options/Divi Icons PRO
Here we can decide which font families should be active and which not.
Divi Icons PRO offers a huge icon library that is significant in size. If we know that we won’t use all that icons and want to optimise plugin performance we can switch off specific font families in plugin settings.





How to use Divi Icons PRO

After Divi Icons PRO is installed, we will see all new icons in our Divi Builder modules.
We can filter icons by clicking filter buttons.




Fatal error on activation

If you are getting errors on activation this is most likely outdated PHP version running on your server.
Please make sure you are using PHP 5.6 or later (7+ recommended).


Problem with downloads

If you are having an issue and cannot access your files in your account section please clear your browser cache and try again. If the issue persists please contact our support and we will check and fix this issue for you.



Regular license can be activated on one domain only. Extended license can be activated on unlimited domains.


Moving license to another domain

If you want to transfer license to another domain it is important to deactivate the license on current domain before it gets transferred to a new domain.



Elegant Themes

For additional assistance with using the Divi theme framework, Elegant Themes offers free technical support to all their members. Login to your account at Elegant Themes website.


Divi Communities

You can also find support on Facebook or Google+ by posting your questions in the community group:

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share.

Google+ Divi Community

B3 Multimedia Solutions

For questions or support please visit your account and submit support ticket:

My Account


2021 December 13th – Version 1.4

  • Divi 4.13+ compatibility issues fixed
  • licensing API library updated
  • Divi 4.14.2 and WP 5.8.2 compatible

2021 January 25th – Version 1.3.2

  • icons filter UI improved
  • dashboard JS error fixed
  • Fullwidth Header module icon visibility issue fixed
  • Divi Filter Grid support added
  • Divi Gear Blog Carousel support added
  • Divi Essential plugin support added
  • Supreme plugin popup close icon issue fixed
  • Elegantshop plugin support added
  • API licensing updated
  • Divi 4.8.1 and WP 5.6 compatible

2020 September 15th – Version 1.3.1

  • NEW: Divi Pixel plugin support added
  • NEW: Divi Supreme Pro plugin support added
  • NEW: Option to display a large icon in the Divi Builder
  • DG Carousel plugin support added
  • Divi Booster uploaded icons not displayed issue fixed
  • icons not displayed in the Theme Builder/Extra theme issue fixed
  • searching/filters UI improved
  • Divi 4.6 and WP 5.5.1 compatible
2020 July 28th – Version 1.3

  • NEW: Divi Builder plugin support added
  • NEW: Divi Flip Cards plugin support added
  • NEW: Divi Machine plugin support added
  • multiple icons displayed when the module is duplicated issue fixed
  • multiple icons displayed on Button module in backend builder issue fixed
  • icons filtering functionality missed when Theme Builder is used issue fixed
  • plugin performance improved
  • fatal error when Divi theme not active issue fixed
  • Divi 4.5.1 and WP 5.4.2 compatible

2019 December 6th – Version 1.2.2

  • Mixed icons after update issue fixed

2019 December 3rd – Version 1.2.1

  • API Key encrypted on plugin activation screen
  • Divi Icons FREE and Holiday Icons compatibility issue fixed
  • Woo Module Add to Cart icon issue fixed
  • Divi 4.0.7 and WP 5.3 compatible

2019 October 25th – Version 1.2

  • backend builder icon rendering issue fixed
  • Divi 4.0.3 and WP 5.2.4 compatible

2019 July 9th – Version 1.1.5

  • new code structure
  • backend builder Button module issue fixed
  • backend builder Shop module issue fixed
  • icon animation issue fixed
  • Visual Builder compatibility improved
  • DG Product Carousel support added
  • WC Divi Builder support added
  • Divi 3.25.4 and WP 5.2.2 compatible

2019 February 10th – Version 1.1.4

  • new API code added
  • mixed icons displayed during loading issue fixed
  • Divi 3.19.13 and WP 5.0.3 compatible

2018 December 21st – Version 1.1.3

  • new Divi builder icon displaying issue fixed
  • circle icon issue fixed
  • Divi 3.19 and WP 5.0.2 compatible

2018 December 14th – Version 1.1.2

  • Layered Popups plugin issue fixed
  • searching feature in new back-end builder issue fixed
  • Divi 3.18.3 and WP 5.0 tested

2018 December 1st – Version 1.1.1

  • displaying icon in Shop module issue fixed
  • duplicated icons when inline code used issue fixed
  • Breadcrumbs plugin conflict fixed

2018 November 27th – Version 1.1

  • load fonts from CDN option added
  • Divi Booster plugin conflict fixed
  • duplicated icon with inline use issue fixed
2018 August 22th – Version 1.0

  • initial release

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