Divi Estate Documentation

Getting started
Installing child theme

Step 1: Install Divi Theme

Once you’ve downloaded the Divi theme package, login to your WordPress website and go to Appearance > Themes.
Find and upload the Divi parent theme and activate it. Next click on the Add New Theme.


Step 2: Install and activate DiviEstate

Click on Upload Theme.



Click on Choose file.

In the downloaded package find and select DiviEstate.zip file, then click on the Install Now button.



Completing the upload, you will need to activate the theme by clicking on the Activate button.


Step 3: Activate your product

To activate your product and get updates please go to Settings > DiviEstate Activation and enter your API Key and API Email.

To see your API Keys please login to your account.


Step 4: Install Plugins

DiviEstate requires 6 plugins: ACF: Google Map Extended, Advanced Custom Fields, Breadcrumbs NavXT, Caldera Forms, One Click Demo Import and Recent Post Widget With Thumbnails. We have made installing process very simple. After DiviEstate child theme is activated system will ask you to install all missed plugins. Click Begin installing plugins.



On the next screen select all plugins, choose “Install” from dropdown menu and click Apply.


Step 5: Import Breadcrumbs settings

Go to Settings/Breadcrumb NavXT and expand “Help” section.

Select Import/Export/Reset tab and click Upload File.

In the downloaded package find and select bcn_settings.xml file, then click on the Import button.


Step 6: Permalinks setup

To make the Contact Form Popups working, Permalinks Settings have to be setup to “Post name”.

Go to Settings > Permalinks, select “Post name” and click Save Changes.


Step 7: Google Map API

In order to make property map working we need to get Google API Key.

Go to Divi > Theme Options, find “Google API Key” and paste your code.

How to create new API key?


To make all DiviEstate map modules working properly we need to setup Google Map API key and make sure that the 3 following interfaces are enabled.
• Maps JavaScript API
• Places API for Web
• Geocoding API

Step 8: Disable Visual Text Editor

DiviEstate uses custom icons which are applied via span classes. This is unfortunately not supported by WordPress and when we have Visual Text Editor enabled this causes issues, icons may disappear.

To disable Visual Text Editor please go to Users and click Your Profile.

Find Visual Editor option located at the very top and mark box Disable the visual editor when writing.

This will prevent icons disappearing. You may skip this step if you won’t use custom icon classes.
Full list of custom icons available in Divi Estate can be found here.


Importing demo content
Step 1: Now you will need to install the library and all theme settings which allows you to have your site just like the demo version.

Go to Appearance > Import Data Demo, and click on the Import Demo Data button.

Note: This may take even several minutes, depends of internet connection speed. Please be patient.



Step 2: The theme has 3 pre-built forms. They need to be imported from download package. Go to the Caldera Forms tab located in your WordPress Dashboard and click Import button. Select “contact-form.json” file located in Import Files/Caldera Forms folder and click Import button. Follow the same steps for all other forms.


DiviEstate Options




DiviEstate updates – Enabled/Disabled (disabling this option is not recommended)

Site Language

Translate DiviEstate into any language! There is 11 languages already available (German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Sweden, Russian, Italian, Turkey, Dutch).

For more translations please install Loco Translate plugin.

Site Language –
select theme language
Theme Colors – select main theme color and gradient colors

Site Currency –
Input field.
Currency Position – Left/Right
Top Menu Bar – Enable/Disable Top Menu Bar
Area Unit – (Sq/ft ) (Sq/m) (m2) (m with 2 as a superscript)
Agents Header Image – upload header background for agent pages.
Agents Image Crop – Enabled/Disabled (if enabled, agent image is crop to square)
Text displayed if price not specified – input text field.
Phone Number Text – text displayed for the phone number in header

Properties Archive Page Slug – by default “properties”
Properties Dashboard Label – determine what text is displayed for Properties dashboard tab (WordPress menu)
Agents Archive Page Slug – by default “agents”
Agents Dashboard Label – determine what text is displayed for Agents dashboard tab (WordPress menu)
Regions Archive Page Slug – by default “agents”
Regions Dashboard Label – determine what text is displayed for Regions tab located in WordPress menu.

Agents per page – this field defines how many agents is displayed on Agents page.
Results per page – this field defines how many properties is displayed on listing page.
Default Property Order – select default order how properties are displayed.

Advanced Search
Select elements displayed in Advanced Search Popup

Social Icons
Add custom media networks

Add custom PHP code





Preloader – Enabled/Disabled
Preloader Size – define preloader size: width and height
Preloader Images – select preloader image
Preloader Image Uploader – you can upload your own preloader/gif image
Preloader background color – define background color for preloader
Preloader Effects – define effect FadeOut/SlideUp
Preloader Delay time – define preloader delay time
Body Delay time – define body delay time
Preloader Body opacity – define background opacity
Preloader Fadeout speed – define speed of preloader fadeout effect

Map options

Map Clustering – Enabled/Disabled
Map Clustering Zoom –
number value (5-14)
Map Clustering Size –
number value (40-80)
Number of Properties Displayed on Map
Search Addresses in –
Google Map/Database
Property Listing Map View – Road Map / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain
Search Results Map View – Road Map / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain
Single Property Map View – Road Map / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain
Map Parallax –
 Turn on/Turn off parallax effect on the map
Map Marker Images – Select map marker from 6 predefinied colors
Map Marker Image Uploader –  upload your own map marker
Map Marker Custom Size – Width & Height




Property Box




Email Template

Visitors can easily send property listing link to their friends by clicking Send in Email located on property page, below map.

Email Subject – I wanted you to see this property
Email text before link – Check out this property text
Send in Email text – Send in Email



Custom Icons

DiviEstate is a highly customisable theme that can be used not only for real estate industry. DiviEstate options allow to change all icons displayed on a website. In this tab we can change icons for Area Sq-ft, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, for grey stripe displayed below the property description and finally for tools available below the single property map.







DiviEstate comes with 9 custom Divi modules that can be used within Divi Builder.


1 Agent


2 Modal Video

This module allows you to display videos in a popup modal window. Simply upload your desired video in .MP4 format, or type in the URL to the video you would like to display and use this module on the page you want.


3 Properties Listing

This module is used to display custom properties on pages. We can select Horizontal or Grid layout. We can also filter properties by status, region, category, display featured and display specific filters and Layout Mode.



4 Properties Grid Slider

This module is used to display properties slider on pages in grid form. We can apply filter, select order and define how many properties should be displayed.





6 Property Swiper Slider

This powerful module can be used for displaying an attractive and responsive property sliders on any page you want. It allows you to display only specific category, region, or by status.


7 Regions

Regions is another custom post type added to DiviEstate. You can add Regions/Communities to our website and display specific properties on each region page.


8 Search CTA

Search CTA module allows you to display a beautiful Call To Action section. After button is clicked, Advanced Search Popup shows up. We can edit heading text, subheading text and customize button settings.



9 Map Module

Properties Map module allows you to insert properties map on any page you want.

Display Properties By: All / Featured / By Region / By Category / By Status

Map Height – Set Map height (px)

Properties Count – determine how many properties will be displayed on the map.

Map View – Road Map / Satellite Map / Hybrid Map / Terrain Map



Using DiviEstate

1. How to Add/Duplicate property

There are 2 ways to add new properties. You can simply go to Properties/Add New or duplicate/edit one of the current properties with all its settings. If you add new property you can import single property layout page from Divi Library.

To duplicate posts you will need Post Duplicator plugin. After it is installed new option Duplicate Property is added to Properties Dashboard screen.



2. Property Details

To edit property details you go to Properties tab located in your WordPress dashboard and click on a property title.

Single Property page features Divi Builder section where we can add our own modules and 23 custom fields. This fields/filters can be edited in Custom Fields tab located in WordPress Dashboard.

By default Divi Builder section is used to display Gallery and Modal Video module.




Custom Fields – Property Settings


3. Editing Property Settings

DiviEstate is based on Custom Post Type. To edit Property Setting go to Custom Fields tab located in your WordPress Dashboard and select Property Settings.

Here you can:
– Edit/Add New Statuses,
– Edit/Add New Property Types,
– Edit/Translate Filed Labels

Note: Do not edit Field Name.


4. Managing Regions

Regions is another powerful Custom Post Type that enables you to create Communities/Regions with ease and assign properties to different areas. Each Region/Community page is built with Divi Builder and can be customized.

To Add New Region go to Regions/Add New or use Duplicate Region option (recommended).

DiviEstate comes with 8 regions added. Each region uses different template.



5. How to Add New Agent

To add new agent go to Agents and click Add New.

Agent settings page features Divi Builder section where agents bio is added and 11 custom fields:

  1. Contact Form Shortcode
  2. Phone
  3. Mobile
  4. Email
  5. Website
  6. Facebook
  7. Twitter
  8. Google +
  9. LinedIn
  10. Address
  11. Agent Title



6. How to Duplicate Contact Forms

To assign form to specific agent go to Caldera Forms tab located in your WordPress Dashboard.
By default you will find Agent Form sample form added. This Form Shortcode is added to each agent on DiviEstate demo.

Click Clone and type agents name in Form Name field and click Create Form.


7. How to edit Email Reciepients

To edit Email Recipients go to Email tab and type agent email address, click Save Form


8. How to assign form to the agent

To assign form go to Caldera Forms tab located in your WordPress Dashboard and click Get Shortcode.

  1. Copy shortcode
  2. Go to Agents tab
  3. Select agent you want to assign form to.
  4. Paste code to Contact Form Shortcode field
  5. Update page


Code Snippets


Elegant Themes

For additional assistance with using the Divi theme framework, Elegant Themes offers free technical support to all their members. Login to your account at Elegant Themes website.


Divi Communities

You can also find support on Facebook or Google+ by posting your questions in the community group:

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share.
Divi Theme Users


B3 Multimedia Solutions

For questions or support please visit your account and submit support ticket:


Change Log:

2021 August 27th – Version 1.8.1

  • NEW: custom ribbon option to Property Slider module added
  • NEW: Price prefix and suffix fields added
  • NEW: Search Bar module label translation fields added
  • NEW: filter dropdown animation options added
  • Popup goes below the overlay issue fixed
  • Advanced Search script conflict issue fixed
  • Single property page video width on mobiles issue fixed
  • multiple JS/CSS issues with the new Divi 4.10+ fixed
  • API code updated
  • Tested with Divi 4.10.4 and WP 5.8 
2020 June 26th – Version 1.8

  • NEW: Advanced Search Bar module with dropdowns
  • NEW: Homepage layout with new search bar
  • NEW: option to disable sticky agent on property page added
  • map clustering values range updated
  • property page layout issues fixed
  • Theme Builder/header issues fixed
  • Fullwidth Button module removed
  • Divi Builder modules names updated
  • overlapping header issue fixed
  • popup performance improved
  • Divi 4.4.8 and WP 5.4.2 compatible

2020 February 22nd – Version 1.7.5

  • Modify Search popup issue fixed
  • Agent Map issue fixed
  • Issue with new price format fixed
  • Theme Builder compatibility issues fixed
  • Divi 4.3.2 and WP 5.3.2 compatible

2020 February 8th – Version 1.7.4

  • Apostrof price format added
  • Advanced Search, Agent & Video Popup visibility issue fixed
  • Swiper slider module navigation color issue fixed
  • WPML String Translation plugin and Divi Builder compatibility issue fixed
  • Divi 4.3.2 and WP 5.3.2 compatible

2019 December 18th – Version 1.7.3

  • Show/Hide Sold Properties on Agent page and More Properties section
  • Google Map tools positioning fixed
  • Property Sorting by Price option added
  • RealtyPress compatibility issue fixed
  • Enable/Disable Sticky Agent on property page
  • Acre unit added to Area Settings
  • Max Area Filter and slider step setting added to Advanced Searching options
  • Search Properties in Database option improved
  • Single Property Featured Image Gallery Slider issue fixed after Divi 4.0.6
  • Properties Archive page layout issues after Divi 4.0.6 fixed
  • xml import file updated
  • Divi 4.0.9 and WP 5.3.1 compatible
2019 November 14th – Version 1.7.2

  • Map issue for translated pages fixed
  • Agent archive layout issue fixed
  • Agent archive layout issue fixed
  • ACF error notification after theme activation fixed
  • CSS issues after Divi 4 and WP 5.3 fixed
  • Popup issue on agent archive fixed
  • Google Plus cosial icon removed from single agent page, pinterest icon added
  • ACF Agent Setting updated
  • xml import file updated
  • Divi 4.0.6 and WP 5.3 compatible

2019 October 29th – Version 1.7.1

  • Archive page and single property page map issues fixed
  • Archive page responsive issues fixed

2019 October 25th – Version 1.7

  • NEW: Search by Property Name
  • double icons issue fixed
  • Google + icon replaced with Pinterest
  • licensing API updated
  • archive page layout issue fixed
  • sticky agent module mobile issue fixed
  • Divi 4.0.3 and WP 5.2.4 compatible

2019 June 22nd – Version 1.6.9

  • design options for DiviEstate modules added
  • vertical scroll on properties issue fixed
  • selecting custom icons issue fixed
  • area unit set to “none” issue fixed
  • searching functionality improved
  • Divi 3.25.2 and WP 5.2.2 tested

2019 May 20th – Version 1.6.8

  • NEW: Infinite Scroll Properties
  • NEW: Hide Properties with Sold Status
  • NEW: Disable Rounding Price
  • Google Map API inserted multiple times issue fixed
  • Modal Video module issue fixed
  • Theme Options displaying issue fixed
  • Danish language added
  • new API code added
  • debug notices fixed
  • import files updated
  • Divi 3.22.7 and WP 5.2 tested

2018 December 20th – Version 1.6.7

  • NEW: Searching by ID to Advanced Search popup added
  • Advanced Search layout issue fixed
  • Button Fullwidth shortcode issue fixed
  • Properties Map displaying issue fixed
  • Video module new API added
  • Filters dropdown scrolling issue fixed
  • Searching and contact agent popups issues fixed
  • Debug notices fixed
  • Divi 3.18.9 and WP 5.0.2 tested
2018 November 17th – Version 1.6.6

  • Address with apostrophe issue fixed
  • Divi 3.17.6 and WP 4.9.8 compatible
2018 November 6th – Version 1.6.5

  • Google Map admin issue fixed
  • ACF: Google Map Extended plugin unregistered (can be removed)
  • Divi 3.17.2 and WP 4.9.8 compatible

2018 October 30th – Version 1.6.4

  • Google Map API requests limited
  • Footer and header template hooks added
  • Map clustering issue fixed
  • Searching in database functionality improved
  • xml and json files updated
  • CSS optimised
  • Divi 3.17.2 and WP 4.9.8 compatible
2018 October 10th – Version 1.6.3

  • Searching issue fixed
  • Related Properties layout fixed
  • Search Bar dropdown improved
  • Divi 3.16.1 and WP 4.9.8 compatible

2018 September 20th – Version 1.6.2

  • ACF Property and Agent settings updated
  • Properties archive page column issue fixed
  • Grid Slider issue fixed
  • CSS optimised
  • FontAwesome library removed
  • Import xml file updated
  • Divi 3.15 and WP 4.9.8 compatible
2018 August 29th – Version 1.6.1

  • NEW: Norwegian language added
  • ACF Photo Gallery issue fixed
  • Images import issue fixed
  • Top Menu Bar options issue fixed
  • Gap below sign up form and fields issue fixed
  • Map tools positioning fixed
  • CSS improvements
  • import xml file updated
  • Divi 3.12.2 and WP 4.9.8 compatible

2018 July 24th – Version 1.6

  • NEW: Search Properties in Database
  • NEW: Map Clustering
  • NEW: Featured Image Slider on Property Page
  • Slim Subscribe Form Module layout issue fixed
  • Add decimals values for Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Property Slider Widget functionality improved
  • Menu Top Bar performance improved
  • Search Page Map positioning fixed
  • ZIP Code Searching issue fixed
  • Single property layout issue fixed
  • Agent page layout issue fixed
  • Property Swiper Slider issue fixed
  • Documentation updated
  • Divi 3.10.2 and WP 4.9.7 compatible

2018 May 28th – Version 1.5

  • NEW: Properties Listing module improved
  • NEW: Properties Filtering at backend added
  • NEW: Property Map 3 new modes added
  • Property Swiper Slider: automatic slide & duration option added
  • Fullwidth Property Slider module improved
  • Searching functionality improved and issues fixed
  • Share buttons code updated
  • Custom map pin size on single property page issue fixed
  • Agent role permissions and issues fixed
  • m2 added as a superscript
  • WPML  issue fixed
  • Soldpress, Realtypress and Optima Express popup issue fixed
  • Filter dropdown issue in Safari browser fixed
  • Email opt-in module fixed
  • Property box shadow performance improved
  • Map language issue fixed
  • Console notifications eliminated
  • DiviEstate options reorganised
  • Divi 3.4.1 and WP 4.9.6 compatible
2017 December 29th – Version 1.4.3

  • NEW: Export/Import properties
  • Top Header performance improved
  • Agent box hover shadow issue fixed
  • Search Engine improved, bug fixed
  • Property archive page responsive view improved
  • Social Icons settings moved to General tab
  • Top Header menu color issue fixed
  • Divi 3.0.92 and WP 4.9.1 compatible

2017 December 12th – Version 1.4.2

  • more options to Area dropdown added
  • Agent and property thumbnail size fized
  • Property Full Width Slider improved, price added
  • Map tooltip image and title clickable
  • More social media icons added
  • More Features section added
  • Visual Builder issue fixed
  • Related Properties mobile navigation fixed
  • Search Button and status dropdown fixed
  • Advanced Search price range improved
  • Option to change tab icons added
  • Email Template options added
  • CSS cleanup
  • Divi 3.0.91 and WP 4.9.1 compatible

2017 October 25th – Version 1.4.1

  • Advanced Search module issue fixed
  • Translations updated
  • Disable update notification  option added
  • CSS improved
  • Documentation updated
  • Divi 3.0.84 compatible

2017 October 12th – Version 1.4

  • Email Sign Up section CSS fixed
  • New Map Module added
  • Upload Custom Icons functionality added
  • Integration tab for custom PHP code added
  • Agent user role added
  • IE search field height issue fixed
  • DiviEstate options regrouped
  • Advanced Search area and price filters issue fixed
  • Backend property filtering issue fixed
  • Display Featured filter added to property listing page
  • Custom Ribbons added to Fullwidth Property Slider
  • Option to change slug for Regions added
  • Options to rename WP tabs
  • Translations updated, new strings added
  • CSS code cleanup
  • 2nd header color customization issue fixed
  • Header Customizer issue fixed
  • property images clickable
  • Divi 3.0.79 compatibility checked

2017 July 27th – Version 1.3

  • Property slider image clickable
  • Custom fields status issue fixed
  • My Properties module on agent page fixed
  • Phone number text option added
  • Search Bar module bug fixed
  • Advanced Search improved
  • Option to disable top bar
  • Option to add custom URL to Property Slider
  • Map marker custom size option added
  • Property Listing/Slider module category filter added
  • parallax map zoom option added
  • Ribbon colors issue fixed
  • Menu slide animation issue fixed
  • Option to change Properties and Agents slug
  • Documentation updated

2017 June 26th – Version 1.2.1

  • Related properties issue fixed
  • Back-end property searching improved

2017 June 7th – Version 1.2

  • Property ID added to agent contact form
  • Custom property ribbon feature added
  • Swedish translation fixed
  • Gradient issue fixed
  • Agents page pignation added
  • Footer credentials issue fixed
  • Missed homepage layout added
  • Option to assign 2 agents to property
  • Agent image clickable
  • CSS improved
  • Agent box responsive issue fixed
2017 May 3rd – Version 1.1

  • multilingual support (translations ready)
  • front-end property submission added
  • responsive issues fixed
2017 March 31st – Version 1.0.1

  • property description white text issue fixed
  • contact/add property form issue fixed
  • paddings issue on the blog feed fixed
  • property status issue fixed
  • more options to advanced search functionality added
2017 March 22nd – Version 1.0

Release date

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