Divi Toolbox Changelog

Version 1.4.1

  • Tweak: The “Sticky Footer” option now applies to Before and After Footer Layouts in addition to standard Divi footer.
  • Fixed: The “After Navigation – Header Layouts” not displaying properly when both global layout and homepage layout selected
  • Fixed: Minor CSS issues with the Customizer Settings not displaying properly
  • Fixed: Back to top button remaining visible on Safari browser
  • Fixed: Tickera plugin conflict (HTML and CSS minification issue)
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms plugin CSS conflict (hidden settings description in the plugin dashboard)
  • Fixed: Removed the login_header title function (depracated in WP 5.2) from the Login Page Customizer
  • Tested with WP 5.2.1 and Divi 3.23.3

Version 1.4

  • New: Option to display any Divi Library Layout as a shortcode
  • New: Option to change the login page image URL
  • Tweak: Keep the hover effect active on the parent of a current menu item
  • Tweak: Alt attributes added to the related posts thumbnails
  • Tweak: Change text transformation with small-caps to “none”
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary error log
  • Tested with WP 5.1.1 and Divi 3.22.4

Version 1.3

  • New: Typing effect
  • New: Custom Divi Builder layouts before and after single post content
  • New: Option to set the heading level for the Related Posts section
  • New: Option to keep the Primary Menu hover effect on active menu link
  • New: CSS classes to control column count on mobile
  • New: CSS classes to add hyphens or prevent words from wrapping to a new line on mobile
  • New: Overlapping Logo Box Background Color when Fixed
  • New: Option to disable CTA Menu button hover effect on mobile
  • New: Added small-caps font variant to text transformation options
  • New: Custom browser theme color for mobile
  • New: Option to equalize the featured image and post content box on archive pages
  • Tweak: 3d Tilt effect working on a separate Portfolio, Blog and Gallery items instead of the entire module
  • Fixed: Popups triggered by custom CSS class
  • Fixed: Sticky footer rendered incorrectly in Safari browser
  • Fixed: Post Meta displaying incorrectly when using custom Excerpt
  • Fixed: Post Meta text-transformation property
  • Fixed: Archives header font-size property
  • Fixed: Archives image overlay displaying incorrectly after setting change
  • Fixed: Archives post content box shadow property
  • Fixed: “After Navigation” layout not displaying properly on Author archives and when WooCommerce active
  • Fixed: One of the preloader images displaying off-center
  • Fixed: WooCommerce mobile menu icon alignment
  • Fixed: Divi Overlays conflict with additional content on single post
  • Tested with WP 5.1.1 and Divi 3.22.1
Version 1.2.3
  1. New: Option to upload custom map marker image
  2. New: Use the “Grab the first post image” Divi option for the Related Posts if enabled
  3. Fixed: Cached CSS issue transferring styles between sites on Multisite Environment
  4. Fixed: Custom preloader “Only on Homepage” setting
  5. Fixed: Gravity Forms cURL error when Toolbox enabled
  6. Fixed: Problem with editing PHP files via default WP files editor
  7. Fixed: Toolbox JS loading twice in the Visual Builder
  8. Tested with WP 5.0.3 and Divi 3.19.9

Version 1.2.2

  • New: Option to use custom image as a Preloader
  • Fixed: Custom hover effect for Buttons
  • Fixed: Custom login page styles not visible on frontend
  • Fixed: Secondary Nav letter spacing
  • Tested with WP 5.0.3 and Divi 3.19.5

Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed: 500 Internal Server Error when activated on the site with child theme.
  • Tested with WP 5.0.3 and Divi 3.19.4

Version 1.2

  • New: Import & Export feature added
  • New: Previous and Next posts text input fields added
  • New: separate layouts After Navigation on Blog index page and on the Homepage
  • New: Placeholder sections added for “injected” layouts with layout name in Visual Builder.
  • Changed the CTA menu button padding option to horizontal and vertical padding
  • Plugin is now fully translation-ready
  • Fixed: issue with editing incorrect posts content in Visual Builder when the Related Posts feature was enabled and incorrect comments being displayed
  • Fixed: Sticky Footer in Safari was’t covered by the page content
  • Fixed: PHP error when previewing theme different than Divi
  • Fixed: Issue with overlaying logo effect on fixed header in Safari
  • Fixed: Visual Builder not loading with Page Preloader enabled
  • Fixed: SVG support restored
  • Tested with WP 5.0.2 and Divi 3.19.4

Version 1.1

  • New: Static CSS file generation & option to clear CSS cached file on the new plugin settings page (link to the settings page added in the footer)
  • Performace improved; removed the unnecessary Ajax call for the CSS
  • Fixed: Footer Reveal not working on mobile devices
  • Fixed: SVG preloader animation freezing on page load
  • Fixed: Plugin deactivated upon the update due to a folder name change

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed: Social Icons not visible in the Secondary Menu

Version 1.0.1

  • Tested with the latest Divi Theme version (3.17.2)
  • Added links to documentation page and support system in plugin Setting Page
  • Added option to disable the Footer Reveal effect on mobile
  • Fixed: Footer Reveal not working with Sticky Footer feature
  • Fixed: Releated Posts feature causing random blog posts content displaying on single post page
  • Related Posts feature now works only on default “Post” post type
  • Fixed: Skype icon showing when link field is empty
  • Fixed: mobile menu gets hidden when the parent menu item is clicked (when the top tier menu links are disabled in Divi settings)
  • Fixed: CTA menu link not displaying the custom popup from mobile menu
  • Fixed: Submenu links colors on fixed navigation

Version 1.0

  • Initial launch of the plugin.


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